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Theobroma grandiflorum

a.k.a. Cupuacu

Related to cacao, the cupuassu is popular in its native Brazil, but little know elsewhere. Unlike cacao, the pulp of the large-fruited cupuassu is used rather than the seeds. Pulp is processed into beverages and desserts. Fruit is highly sought after and production is thus far limited to Brazil where demand greatly exceeds supply.

Seed Availability

Seeds are not available for the Cupuassu. Please visit our seed store to view current selections.


A small to medium sized tree ranging from 15-60ft. Leaves are large and much like the cacao tree. Fruits are borne on the trunk and apexes of main branches. Fruit is large, from 5-10" long, 3-5" wide.


Not frost hardy. Hardy to 45-50F.

Growing Environment

Cupuassu prefers a very humid environment with little temperature variation throughout the year, and mean temperatures around 75F. Trees need lots of water for good growth.


Usually by seeds, which should not be allowed to dry out before planting.


Pulp is used to make a wide variety of beverages, preserves, and desserts. A form of chocolate and cocoa butter can be made from the seeds.

Native Range

Native to south and southeastern Amazonia, Brazil. Cupuassu is not found outside of Brazil except for a few garden specimens.

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