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Crimson Giant Radish

Raphanus sativus

Sort of like the classic red radish, except much larger. Red skinned roots can grow to the size of an apple, though usually grow to 1 1/2-2". The flesh is white, firm, crisp and mild. Roots are globe shaped. A reasonably common variety.

Seed Availability

Seeds are not available for the Crimson Giant Radish. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in June 2015.

Days to Maturity

28-30 days.



Germination Info

Radishes are some of the easiest seeds to germinate. Plant directly in the ground, approximately 1/4" deep, in loose, moist soil. Soil temperature should be above freezing, at least 45F or higher for germination. Germination may be slower in colder soils. Radishes are fairly cold hardy and can be planted as early as a week prior to the date of last frost. Germination time usually runs about 1-2 weeks under ideal conditions.

Once seeds have sprouted, thin plants to 1-2" apart and rows to 8-12" apart.

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