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Cincinnati Market Radish

Raphanus sativus

a.k.a. Long Scarlet Radish

A long rooted heirloom radish with a beautiful color. Roots grow to 6" long, with an almost neon pink-red coloration. Their flavor is excellent, mild and crisp, with some spice. The variety has strangely become uncommon in recent years.

Seed Availability

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Days to Maturity

25-30 days.


Likely an American heirloom, dating to at least 1870. Multiple seed catalogs from the late 1800's and early 1900's describe the variety.

Germination Info

Radishes are some of the easiest seeds to germinate. Plant directly in the ground, approximately 1/4" deep, in loose, moist soil. Soil temperature should be above freezing, at least 45F or higher for germination. Germination may be slower in colder soils. Radishes are fairly cold hardy and can be planted as early as a week prior to the date of last frost. Germination time usually runs about 1-2 weeks under ideal conditions.

Once seeds have sprouted, thin plants to 1-2" apart and rows to 8-12" apart.

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