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  • Tangerine Tomato

    Tangerine Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. Bright orange, beefsteak tomato with great flavor and few seeds! Named the Tangerine for its pretty color. A sweet rich flavor and heavy producing vines make this variety a great...

  • Tasmanian Black Pepper

    Tasmanian Black Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A medium heat pepper, with fairly large pods that can reach several inches long. Ripen to deep black and then eventually dark red with some black stripes. Smoky flavor. Very rare. #3748...

  • Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

    Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. Tasmanian Chocolate is a beautiful variety that produces huge tomatoes on very compact plants. Large, beefsteak style fruits can grow to almost a pound and ripen to a deep...

  • Tasty Evergreen Tomato

    Tasty Evergreen Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. A delicious and large green-ripe tomato that grows to well over 1lb. Tasty Evergreen produces rich flavored fruits with green skin and green pulp. One of the best green varieties,...

  • Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber

    (Cucumis sativus) 20-40 seeds per pack. A great standard, all-purpose cucumber. Bulging fruits grow to 6-8" and longer, with green skin and white flesh. Good flavor, nice as fresh, but for pickles as well. Plants show...

  • Tennessee Red Cob Corn

    Tennessee Red Cob Corn

    (Zea mays) 25 seeds per pack. A unique dent corn known for its white kernels ears and red cobs. Great for corn breads and ornamental uses as well. Colored kernels are mostly white, with red at their ends. #3285 Open...

  • Teosinte


    (Zea mays mexicana) 15 seeds per pack. Believed to be the wild ancestor of modern corn. Bears slender, prolific, single row spikes of seeds and the plants have a corn-like growth habit. Flowering is later in the year, so...

  • Tepary Bean, Black

    Tepary Bean, Black

    (Phaseolus acutifolius) 25 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the rare black colored tepary bean. The beans are used much like regular dry beans and can be roasted as well as ground into meal. More drought resistant than the...

  • Tepin Amarillo Pepper

    Tepin Amarillo Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10-15 seeds per pack. A pretty yellow-orange ripening tepin variety from Mexico. The tiny fruits pack a serious heat punch, similar to the standard red tepin. Sprawling, shrubby growth. Will grow as a...

  • Tetragonia tetragonoides - New Zealand Spinach

    Tetragonia tetragonoides - New Zealand Spinach

    (Tetragonia tetragonoides) 25 seeds per pack. A short perennial with a ground-cover like habit whose edible leaves are used much like spinach. The young leaves are quite tasty, with a spinach-like flavor and contain a number...

  • Texas Black Pepper

    Texas Black Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A pequin type pepper with medium (for a pequin) sized fruits that can reach up to an inch long. Fruits ripen to purple and then red. The plant is purple-black tinted on its stems and some...

  • Thai Dragon Pepper

    Thai Dragon Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. Red skinned hot chili pepper up to 4" long. This variety is widely used in Thai cooking and is six times hotter than jalapeno peppers. Pods are longer than the regular Thai Red Pepper...

  • Thai Giant Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A variant of the popular Thai chile, having much wider pods than the regular type. Pods are short and about twice as wide as standard Thai peppers. Very hot flavor, with pods ripening to...

  • Thai Hot Pepper, Orange

    Thai Hot Pepper, Orange

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. Orange skinned variety of the flaming hot thai pepper. This variety is widely used in Thai cooking and is six times hotter than jalapeno peppers. Easily container grown, or as an annual...

  • Thai Long Green Eggplant

    Thai Long Green Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 25-50 seeds per pack. One of the most popular eggplants in Thailand and becoming popular in gourmet cooking, the Thai Long Green bears 12" fruits ripening to a lime green. The fruits are quite tender,...

  • Thai Pepper, Red

    Thai Pepper, Red

    (Capsicum annuum) 50 seeds per pack. Red Thai pepper much like the Thai Orange. A standard in Thai and east Asian cuisine. Strong heat, close behind the habanero. Plants bear heavily. #1156 Open pollinated.

  • Tien Tsin Pepper

    Tien Tsin Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25-50 seeds per pack. One of the most important peppers in Szechwan cooking. The fruits are slender, elongated, and look similar to the Cayenne. The variety has widespread use in Chinese cooking and the...

  • Tiny Tim Tomato

    Tiny Tim Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 50 seeds per pack. A dwarf tomato plant growing to only 6-12". Tiny Tim produces small, cherry tomato-like fruits in heavy quantities on a tiny plant that is perfect for containers. Great for small...

  • Tomatoberry


    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. Pretty 1" fruits abound on this fun tomato that is shaped like a strawberry. Fruits also resemble little hearts and have a wonderful cherry tomato-like flavor. Great yields, becoming...

  • Tondino Tomato

    Tondino Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A very tasty canning style tomato originally from Italy. Fruits are round and ripen to a pretty pink-red. Very full flavor is lends to excellent eating fresh out of hand but also...

  • Tongue of Fire Bean

    Tongue of Fire Bean

    (Phaseolus vulgaris) 25-35 seeds per pack. A classic favorite from Italy, having flashy, pale green pods with red and purple streaks. Beans can be eaten green, or left to mature and used for baking. Solid plants provide...

  • Topaz Tomato

    Topaz Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. A companion tomato to the beautiful Violet Jasper, also from China. Bears golf ball sized yellow fruits that ripen with stripes and speckles of white and green. The fruits also...

  • Topepo Rosso Pepper

    Topepo Rosso Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. An Italian heirloom bearing Pimiento-like fruits. Features thick, crisp flesh with a great, sweet flavor. Fruits grow to a few inches, with a circular shape that looks a bit like an apple...

  • Totem Tomato

    Totem Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A dwarf tomato plant, generally growing to only 12". Great for containers and small spaces, Totem produces fairly large quantities of small red fruits with a typical tomato flavor...

  • Tricolor Variegata Pepper

    Tricolor Variegata Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15-25 seeds per pack. One of the prettiest ornamental peppers you'll see, and edible too! Foliage is variegated in beautiful white, purple and green, making for a gorgeous sight at any time of the season...

  • Trinidad Douglah Pepper

    Trinidad Douglah Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Chocolate 7-Pot Pepper. The chocolate colored version of the fiery 7 Pot pepper from Trinidad. Fruits ripen to a chocolate brown and have a wonderful fruity flavor beneath...

  • Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Caramel Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A caramel colored variant of the fiery Moruga Scorpion. Fruits are extremely hot and likely amongst some of the hottest peppers in the world. Pods are similar to the standard Moruga...

  • Trinidad Scorpion Yellow Pepper

    Trinidad Scorpion Yellow Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the yellow fruited Trinidad Scorpion, similar to the red type and also with searing heat. Originally from the Caribbean, it bears wrinkled, pendant shaped pods, often...

  • Trinidad Sunrise Scorpion

    Trinidad Sunrise Scorpion

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A unique Trinidad Scorpion strain, also from Trinidad, distinct for its pods which tend to grow upwards. Pods are similar to the regular Trinidad Scorpion, with a wrinkled appearance...

  • Trinidad Sweets Pepper

    Trinidad Sweets Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. It looks a lot like a Trinidad Scorpion but lacks heat! Bears medium sized, pendant shaped pods with the distinctive scorpion tail. The variety is not a sweet pepper though, with fruits...

  • Trombone Squash

    Trombone Squash

    (Cucurbita moschata) 15 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Tromboncino, Tromba d'Albenga. A long, curved neck squash related to the butternut, but tasting more like zucchini. An Italian heirloom. Fruits can grow to a few feet, with...

  • Tropic Tomato

    Tropic Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 20 seeds per pack. A good warm humid climate, greenhouse or hydroponic tomato. Bears 7-9oz fruits that ripen to red, sometimes with some green tint. Fruits are sweet, with classic tomato flavor and are...

  • Trupti Pepper

    Trupti Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. A very long cayenne type pepper, with slender and wrinkled pods up to 6+". Pods are often straight, but are also sometimes curled towards their ends. Originally from India. Medium heat...

  • Tyee Spinach

    (Spinacia oleracea) 200 seeds per pack. A vigorous growing spinach that can reach 10" in height! Tyee yields dark green leaves and a good disease resistance that makes it popular for late plantings. #2270 Hybrid. 45 days.Out...

  • Udumalapet Eggplant

    Udumalapet Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 15 seeds per pack. A beautiful striped eggplant, featuring elongated, 3" fruits. Skin is dark purple-lavender, with prominent white stripes. Fruits ripens to yellow and purple striped. Plants produce well...

  • Valdivian Viper Mustard Pepper

    Valdivian Viper Mustard Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 5 seeds per pack. The back story on this variety isn't clear, but what interesting pods! Bears fairly large, wrinkled pods that ripen to a mustard yellow-green. Very hot, fruity flavor and exquisite...


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