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Mentha pulegium

A short, creeping annual or perennial widely known for its minty aroma and medicinal uses.

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A ground-dwelling, creeping annual or perennial. Rarely grows more than a few inches high. Small flower spikes may be born in warm months and are quite pretty to the eye.


Can be grown anywhere as an annual. Will die back during freezes but can regrow from roots. Hardy to about 0F. USDA 6b.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun, part-shade or shade. Water regularly. The plant is quite hardy when established and can be treated like any member of the mint family.


By seeds, by cuttings and divisions.


Pennyroyal is a popular in aromatherapy as it has one of the more pungent aromas of the mint family. Its most famous use is as an abortifacient as it stimulates uterine activity. This plant should never be ingested and is highly toxic to pregnant women. Pennyroyal in general should not be ingested by anyone (though it does have some uses) as the plant contains liver harming compounds and ingesting in any large quantity can be quite detrimental. The famous (or infamous) pennyroyal tea is made from small tinctures of the plant and is claimed to be safe in tiny amounts---though ingesting it is probably not a good idea.

Native Range

Native to Europe and Western Asia.

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