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Prunella vulgaris

a.k.a. Selfheal, All Heal, Heart of the Earth, Xia Ku Cao

A low-lying, herbaceous perennial or annual renowned for its numerous medicinal uses.

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A small, spreading plant generally growing to no more than a few inches. The highly ornamental flower spikes are borne in Spring and Summer and are clusters of many violet-colored single flowers which open in various stages. The plant is often used as a groundcover.


Hardy to below 0F. Will die back in frost-heavy regions but tends to self-sow and will come back as warmer months progress.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun or shade. The only requirement for growing is adequate water throughout the growing season. Once established the plant is fairly hardy and tough. Grow in moist, well-drained soil.


By seeds. By offshoots.


Self-Heal has a storied history of medicinal uses. The plant allegedly has an antimicrobial/antibacterial effect and was once used both topically and internally for this purpose. In China, Self-Heal is used to prepare a soothing drink that is taken to bring the digestive system into a feeling of calm. Some evidence remains that the plant is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and viral replication inhibitor, though it is untested. In recent years, Self-Heal has become a primary ingredient in some topical medicines to treat the Herpes virus.

Native Range

Originally native to part of Europe, Africa and Asia, though the plant has now naturalized throughout the world.

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