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White Champaca

Michelia alba

a.k.a. White Sandalwood

Beautiful subtropical tree with gorgeous and deeply fragrant flowers.

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Medium sized tree to 40ft, but outside of its native range usually does not exceed 20-25ft. Flowers can bloom off an on throughout the year, with many tree flowering all 12 months.


It is subtropical to tropical and will stand brief frosts, but is best kept container bound in cooler, frost prone areas.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun. Keep regularly watered.


Grafting and seeds.


Grown for its exotic and beautifully fragrant flowers esteemed in China and around the world. The flower extract is though to be a primary ingredient in a few of the worlds most expensive perfumes.

Native Range

Native to the Yunan province of China, but has spread and is widely cultivated throughout southeast Asia.

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