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Cordyline terminalis

a.k.a. Good Luck Plant, Cordyline fruticosa

One of the most well-known tropical foliage plants, Ti is most often associated with Hawaii and other South Pacific Islands, though it is native to southeast Asia. The upright plants come in many glowing colors of red and green, and their relative ease of growing has made the Ti plant popular with gardeners around the world who wish to achieve a tropical look to their landscape.

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Seeds are not available for the Ti. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in January 2014.


A woody perennial growing to 4-6ft, but as high as 10-12ft. Its best known feature are its large, colorful leaves which grow from the stem tips in a circular, star-like pattern.


Foliage is hardy to about 32F. Roots are hardy to 15-20F and while foliage may die, the plant will regrow when the weather warms. They also do nicely as a houseplant.

Growing Environment

Plants enjoy regular water and warm temperatures. Grow in shade, particularly in warmer climates. Protect from low humidity or dry winds. They do nicely in containers.


By seeds, by root or stem cuttings.


Ti is commonly grown as an ornamental and their are numerous varieties with varying shade of leaf color. In Polynesia, the starchy rhizomes are eaten and have a sweetish flavor. The leaves have a variety of uses, most notably in clothing such as the traditional Hawaiian hula skirt. The plants also have Polynesian lore surrounding them as they are thought to bring good luck and were once used in a number of native rituals.

Native Range

Native to Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, Northern Australia and some western South Pacific islands. Naturalized throughout the South Pacific, New Zealand and some other tropical areas.

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