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Sugar Bush Protea

Protea repens

a.k.a. Honey Flower

A brilliantly colored protea, with usually red to pink colored flowers, though cream and white varieties exist as well. The flowers are quite large, growing up to several inches, and are popular in the florist trade. This species was also the national flower of South Africa until 1976.

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A slow-growing, bushy shrub to 4-6 feet. Leaves are elongated, hard and leathery. The large flowers bloom during warmer months and are very popular with birds, bees, as well as other insects.


Hardy to near 24F, give or take a few degrees.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun in most environments. Plants are tolerant of most soil conditions and seem to do well even in low nutrient and poorly drained soils. Generally this species is one of the easiest protea's to grow.


By both cuttings and by seeds. The seeds should be planted in a well drained soil mix, with the soil temperature kept above 65F. They often germinate within several weeks.


Usually grown for its ornamental and colorful flowers which can bloom for long periods. This species is also the source of a sugary nectar, used among other things, in a special type of syrup.

Native Range

Native to South Africa.

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