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Rose Apple

Syzygium jambos

A crisp, yellow, 1-2" long fruit with the smell and taste of rose water. The rose apple is occasionally cultivated in the tropics but is rarely available in markets.

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Shrub to medium-large tree that can reach over 40ft in ideal conditions. The tree will usually not flower or bear fruit in areas of frost. Flowers are very ornate, large, 2-4", with hundreds of beautiful white stamens that attract nectar loving insects. Flowering and fruiting usually follow cycles but these cycles vary throughout the tropics. Often, the rose apple will flower midsummer, with fruits ripening from 3-4 months later.


The rose apple is moderately hardy and will withstand temperatures to 25F if fully grown.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun. Water moderately.


Almost always by seeds, which loose viability quickly. Seeds are polyembryonic and can produce multiple seedlings which can be carefully separated when young. As seeds begin germination they will appear to crack open. The roots and main shoot appear from the central portion of the seed.


Usually eaten fresh or used in preserves. Rose apples spoil very quickly so fruits should be used soon after picking. The large, hollow seed cavity is sometimes utilized to stuff the fruits and bake them. Fruit extract can be used to make a sweet smelling rose water.

Native Range

Native to southeast Asia. Has spread through India and South Pacific islands and is now cultivated in some parts of the tropics. Grows from sea level to 3000ft elevation in its native range.

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