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Plumeria obtusa, P. rubra

a.k.a. Frangipani

Gorgeous tropical tree with intensely fragrant flowers used in lei's, arrangements, and for countless ornamental purposes. There are numerous varieties in a wide range of colors.

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Small or medium sized tree, often only to 3-10ft, but up to 25-30ft.


Plants are severely hurt or killed when temperatures drop below 35F. Sunset Zones: 12, 13, 19, 21-24, H1, H2 (varies by species) USDA: 10a-11

Growing Environment

During periods of active growth, plumeria's love full sun, water, and good soil (or fertilizer). They grow poorly in slow-draining soils such as clay, and do not tolerate standing water. Do not over water during cooler months or during dormant season. Plumeria's do well in containers and can bloom even when under a foot tall.


Very easily grown from cuttings and seeds.


A popular ornamental, particularly in tropical climates---often planted as a street tree. Plumeria is also a popular plant for container culture in colder areas.

Native Range

Exact origin is uncertain, but likely Central and South America. Today, plumeria's are grown worldwide, and are particularly prominent in Hawaii and Pacific Islands.

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