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Catha edulis

a.k.a. Bushman's Tea, Ghat, Qat

Medium growing shrubby tree known for its leaves, which are chewed and contain stimulant substances.

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Shrubby tree to about 20-30ft. Branches and leaves in some varieties are red-veined, and the plant has a nice, ornamental appearance.


Khat is hardy to the mid 20's (F).

Growing Environment

Plants grow fairly well in both full sun and part shade. Khat grows best in warm, dry environments, but it does need consistent water. Plants can be trained to containers and kept as house plants.


By seed and cuttings.


Historically the fresh leaves are chewed, both for medicinal purposes--it allegedly relieves symptoms of respiratory diseases, as well as recreationally, for its stimulant effect. The active substance is cathinone, an illegal drug in the United States and many other countries. While the foliage is illegal to possess in and of itself, the seeds, and probably the plant itself are legal.

Native Range

Native to the Cape region of Africa but has now spread throughout much of tropical Africa and parts of the middle East.

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