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Job's Tears

Coix lacryma

Highly productive grass species with wide ranges of uses, both edible and ornamental.

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Clumping, herbaceous annual or perennial growing to about 3-6ft.


Hardy to about 20F, but can be grown in any climate as an annual. Sunset Zones: 16+ (perennial), all zones (annual) USDA: 9a+ (perennial), all zones (annual)

Growing Environment

Plants are extremely adaptable and will grow in most climates. It does require moist soil so irrigation in necessary in dry areas. It will grow in basically all soil types.


By seeds.


The seeds can be pounded into a flour, used in cooking, and the seeds themselves can be eaten out of hand, having a flavor like a peanut. The kernel has a high protein to carbohydrate ratio and as such, is a highly productive grain. The grain is also sometimes fermented into a type of alcoholic beverage. The seeds can be used to make a coffee-like beverage. The seeds are very hard and used in making necklaces and other types of jewelry.

Native Range

Native to wet regions of the Himalayas in both India and Nepal, up to about 6000ft in elevation.

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