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Coast Huckleberry

Vaccinium ovatum

a.k.a. California Huckleberry, Evergreen Huckleberry

A native Pacific Northwest huckleberry, once esteemed by local Native American tribes. The small purple-black fruits are edible.

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A short, evergreen shrub, generally growing to 2-6ft. Leaves are small, with a glossy sheen. The small fruits can grow up to a centimeter across. Flavor is sweet.


Hardy to freezes, down to at least 0F and possibly lower.

Growing Environment

Grows well in full shade or part shade. Needs regular watering and prefers acidic soil. The shrub is often found growing near or amongst redwood groves, by streams and other water sources.


Seeds, cuttings.


The berries are edible.

Native Range

Native along the Pacific coast, from California through British Columbia.

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