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Aleurites moluccana

a.k.a. Kukui Nut

Large brown fruit with little pulp and a thick rind that encloses one or two very large seeds, the candlenuts. The nuts have a variety of uses, both edible and otherwise.

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A medium or large sized, spreading, tropical tree up to 50-80ft tall.


Candlenut trees are somewhat hardy and will survive temperatures to 25-28F.

Growing Environment

They grow very well in tropical climates with ample rainfall, but also adapt to dry climates. Candlenut's need little if any care after they are established.


By seed, which usually take 3-4 months to germinate.


Cooked nuts are generally edible, although some strains contain high amounts of cyanide. Usually the nut is pressed for its oil, which is used for a variety of industrial purposes like soap making, varnishes, and fuel. The oil is sometimes used medicinally similar to castor oil, as well as a laxative. In Southeast Asia, the oil is sometimes applied topically to treat headaches, fevers and swollen joints.

Native Range

Native to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Pacific Islands including Hawaii.

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