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California Wild Grape

Vitis californica

Native Californian grape, producing small, purple fruits with a sweet grape flavor, and a small amount of pulp.

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Climbing vine to about 25-40ft. Leaves are large and turn red during autumn months.


Hardy to about 0-5F.

Growing Environment

Enjoys full sun for best growth. Tolerates most soil types, including sandy and clay soils. Displays typical Mediterranean adaptation and enjoys ample water for part of the year, but will withstand droughts as well.


By seed.


Fruits are eaten raw or dried. The young leaves and young tendrils can also be eaten and have a mild, sour flavor. The vine is also grown as an ornamental, often for its large leaves which turn red during late summer and autumn.

Native Range

Native to Central parts of California, from the Delta to the Grapevine. Also found in the Sierra foothills.

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