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Artocarpus altilis

a.k.a. Breadnut

Large, bowling ball sized fruit, usually yellow-green in color, with hard, starchy white flesh. Fruit is either eaten fresh cooked (usually baked or boiled) and served hot, or eaten unripe as a vegetable. The breadfruit is one of the most important food crops for southeast Asia and the Pacific islands, with cultivation dating back hundreds of years. Captain Bligh carried over 2000 plants from Tahiti to Jamaica in 1793, introducing the breadfruit to much of the Americas.

Seed Availability

Seeds are not available for the Breadfruit. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in February 2015.


Large tree to 90ft when full grown. Leaves are large, multi-lobed, extremely beautiful, and often used in decorations. Fruiting occurs continuously on and off all year long.


The breadfruit is ultra-tropical and will not survive temperatures below 40F. It will not succeed outdoors anywhere in the continental United States except for sheltered locations in extreme South Florida and the Keys.

Growing Environment

Growth stops and trees decline when temperatures drop below 60F or above 95F. Trees need lots of water, high humidity and deep, well-drained soil.


The breadfruit is seedless and is propagated either by suckers or root cuttings. The seeded breadnut is always propagated by seed.


Fresh fruits are baked or boiled and served with garnishes. Breadfruits are also used in making myriad other dishes, from soup, to chowder, to custards and even bread. Unripe fruits are roasted or pickled and used as vegetables. Seeds from the seeded form (the breadnut) are roasted and eaten.

Native Range

Native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and numerous islands of the South Pacific. Was spread by early Polynesians throughout the Pacific and into Hawaii. The breadfruit later spread throughout the Americas upon European colonization.

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