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Bloody Butcher Corn

Zea mays

A beautiful red heirloom corn known as far back as 1845. Gorgeous ears are filled with deep red kernels and grow up to 12" long. When mature, Bloody Butcher ears can be used for flour and corn meal. When young they can be eaten as corn-on-the-cob. Their colorful look also lends the variety well for fall decorations.

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Days to Maturity

100-110 days.


Originally from Virginia, as early as the mid 1800's.

Germination Info

Corn seeds are usually quite easy to germinate with with proper soil temperatures. A good method for germination is to place seeds in small containers, either nursery flats or small pots. Standard potting soils or peat both work fine. If starting seed indoors, plant 3-4 weeks prior to the expected date of last frost. Seedlings should only be planted outside once the danger of frost has past. Plant seeds from 1/2-1" beneath the soil surface. Gently cover with soil. Keep soil temperature above 70F for best germination results. Cool or cold soils can significantly delay or inhibit germination. Once seedlings have sprouted and grown a few inches tall, they can be transplanted to the ground.

Alternatively, seeds can be planted directly in the ground if soil temperatures exceed 60-65F and the danger of frost has past.

Once seeds have sprouted, thin plants to 8-12" apart and rows to 24-30" apart.

Estimated germination time under optimal conditions: 7-14 days.

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