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Aztec Red Spinach

Chenopodium berlandieri

a.k.a. Lambsquarters, Pitseed Goosefoot, Southern Huauzontle

A small annual that can grow to 1-3ft with leaves and young shoots that are eaten like spinach.

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Branching annual to a few feet. Has a weedy growth habit. Leaves are tinged red with flower spikes appearing during warm months.


Annual, will reseed in frost and freeze zones.

Growing Environment

Grows in pretty much any soil type. Grow in full sun.


By seeds.


Leaves are eaten like spinach, though they contain saponins and oxalic acid (like some other edible plants) and probably shouldn't be eaten in huge quantities. The leaves are reportedly quite nutritious and the seed was also once used as an important grain crop, much like quinoa. Seeds should be soaked before using.

Native Range

Native throughout the contiguous United States.

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