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Autograph Tree

Clusia rosea

a.k.a. Scotch Attorney, Pitch Apple, Balsam Fig

Small sized, spreading ornamental tree related to the mangosteen. Trees are usually grown for their attractive dark-green foliage. People often carve names into the leaves which remain until the leaf is shed.

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Small or medium sized tree, sometimes to 30ft, but usually only 10-15ft. Trees flower during summer, producing pretty white flowers followed by woody fruit.


Not hardy to freezes, but should stand very short frosts.

Growing Environment

Trees are not too particular of soil conditions and grow in both arid and wet climates. They also tolerate salty conditions. Grow in full sun or part shade.


By seeds and cuttings.


The tree is a commonly planted ornamental in gardens and streets of tropical regions, both for its foliage, and its adaptability.

Native Range

Native to the West Indies, but is common in all tropical areas and has naturalized in much of tropical America, including Southern Florida.

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