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Aqua Sapphire Tower

Puya berteroniana

Arid-climate bromeliad with a huge flower spike of aqua-blue colored flowers. Part of the Sapphire Tower group of plants, its beauty is remarkable and a perfect accompaniment to its better known, sapphire colored relative.

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Arid-climate bromeliad, grows to 3-5ft, with a clumping habit. Leaves are long, with sharp teeth on their sides. Large flower stalks are born in spring and summer and may grow to several feet.


Can survive to 20-25F and does fairly well in hot temperatures as well.

Growing Environment

Needs minimal water once established. Grow in full sun or part shade.


By seeds. By division of offshoots.


Planted as an ornamental or xeriscape plant for its stunning flower spike, growing several feet high, and covered with bright, aqua-blue flowers.

Native Range

Native to higher altitude regions of Chile.

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