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Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana

A famous North American medicinal plant, Witch Hazel still has wide uses in medicine today. The tree itself is an attractive ornamental and remains fairly uncommon in the average garden.

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A deciduous tree with fairly uniform growth to 20-25ft.


Very hardy, to temperatures well below 0F.

Growing Environment

Grow in part-shade/filtered sun or full sun in temperate areas. Water regularly. Grow in moist soil.


By seeds. Seeds are extremely slow to germinate, generally taking 18-24 months to germinate. Seeds are recommended to be cold stratified for up to four months prior to planting. Seeds are often scarified as well.


The main use of Witch Hazel is for its medicinal properties. Extracts from the bark are found in most haemorrhoid medicines and can also be used to treat diarrhea and vaginal discharge. Bark extract is also extensively used in various commercial creams and ointments, mainly for its soothing comfort and anti-inflammatory properties. A tea can be made from the leaves as well.

Native Range

Native to Eastern North America, from Nova Scotia through Florida and west to Texas.

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