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Elaeagnus multiflora

A beautiful little temperate climate fruit tree bearing bright red berry-like fruits with a succulent juicy sweet flesh that makes your mouth pucker!

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A shrubby deciduous tree, usually growing to 6-10ft.


Hardy to as low as -30C.

Growing Environment

Grow in full sun. Drought tolerant once established. It has a symbiotic relationship with certain types of soil bacteria which fix nitrogen for the plant. As such, the Goumi doesn't need fertilizer.


By seeds. Seeds are extremely slow to germinate, taking 1-2 years. Stratify for up to 12 weeks prior to planting. Unfortunately the tree is highly desirable, yet very difficult to propagate.


The fruits are eaten fresh. The fruit and the tree also have some traditional uses in Chinese medicine.

Native Range

Native to parts of China and Japan.

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Elaeagnus multiflora