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Dragon's Tongue Bean

Phaseolus vulgaris

An heirloom bean from the Netherlands and a type of wax bean. Produces thick pods with amazing coloration--purple stripes atop a yellow background. The pods are stringless and have a wonderful crisp and juicy flavor. The purple coloration will disappear when blanched. Pods grow up to 6-8" long.

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Days to Maturity

60 days.


Heirloom, Dutch origin.

Germination Info

Bean seeds are generally some of the easiest seeds to sprout. Beans can be planted directly in the ground once the soil has sufficiently warmed, or started in small containers (either indoors or outdoors) for transplanting when plants grow larger.

Sowing seeds: Plant seeds in well-drained, sterile soil at 1/2-1" deep. Keep soil moderately moist and do not let completely dry out. While beans usually germinate quickly, take some care not to over water soil. Non-sterile soils, if over watered, can promote the growth of fungus or pests which may damage the germinating seed. Plant outdoors once the danger of frost has past or in small containers for a later transplant.

Care of seedlings: Grow plants 2" apart, in rows 24-36" apart. Pole beans will need some type of support, so use a trellis, twine netting, or some similar structure. Plant seeds every 2-3 weeks for continuous production throughout the warmer months.

Estimated germination time under optimal conditions: 7-14 days.

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