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  • Trinidad Sunrise Scorpion

    Trinidad Sunrise Scorpion

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A unique Trinidad Scorpion strain, also from Trinidad, distinct for its pods which tend to grow upwards. Pods are similar to the regular Trinidad Scorpion, with a wrinkled appearance...

  • Trinidad Sweets Pepper

    Trinidad Sweets Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. It looks a lot like a Trinidad Scorpion but lacks heat! Bears medium sized, pendant shaped pods with the distinctive scorpion tail. The variety is not a sweet pepper though, with fruits...

  • Trupti Pepper

    Trupti Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15 seeds per pack. A very long cayenne type pepper, with slender and wrinkled pods up to 6+". Pods are often straight, but are also sometimes curled towards their ends. Originally from India. Medium heat...

  • Tunisian Baklouti Pepper

    Tunisian Baklouti Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 10 seeds per pack. A rare pepper from Tunisia bearing large, rectangular fruits up to 8" long. The fruits ripen from green to red and have a hot flavor, though milder when cooked. Traditionally used in a...

  • Tyee Spinach

    (Spinacia oleracea) 200 seeds per pack. A vigorous growing spinach that can reach 10" in height! Tyee yields dark green leaves and a good disease resistance that makes it popular for late plantings. #2270 Hybrid. 45 days.Out...

  • Udumalapet Eggplant

    Udumalapet Eggplant

    (Solanum melongena) 15 seeds per pack. A beautiful striped eggplant, featuring elongated, 3" fruits. Skin is dark purple-lavender, with prominent white stripes. Fruits ripens to yellow and purple striped. Plants produce well...

  • Valdivian Viper Mustard Pepper

    Valdivian Viper Mustard Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 5 seeds per pack. The back story on this variety isn't clear, but what interesting pods! Bears fairly large, wrinkled pods that ripen to a mustard yellow-green. Very hot, fruity flavor and exquisite...

  • Variegated Tomato

    Variegated Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. A true variegated leaf tomato that comes true from seed! Foliage is beautiful with the typical variegated pattern. Fruits ripen to 2", with a red color and nice flavor. The plants...

  • Velvet Red Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. A sort of novelty tomato, yet with excellent flavor too! Its name derives from the leaves and stems, which are colored silver-gray and have a fuzzy look of velvet. Fruits are 1",...

  • Vernissage Black Tomato

    Vernissage Black Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. The cousin to Vernissage Yellow, with plump little fruits that ripen to a beautiful striped purple-pink-black. Heavy producer, fruits have a refreshing, mild and very tasty flavor...

  • Vietnamese Multi-Color Pepper

    Vietnamese Multi-Color Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 15-25 seeds per pack. An ornamental and edible pepper variety from Vietnam. Bears slender, upright pods that ripen in a rainbow of colors, from purple to cream, yellow, orange and finally red. The amazingly...

  • Violetta di Chioggia Artichoke

    (Cynara scolymus) 15 seeds per pack. One of the uncommon purple artichokes having a deep purple color on pointed heads. Great flavor and exotic color, plus nearly spineless. An old Italian variety still popular today. #2668...

  • Violetta Italia Cauliflower

    Violetta Italia Cauliflower

    (Brassica oleracea) 100 seeds per pack. Yields large, bright, purple heads with a mild flavor akin to broccoli. Heads will blanch to green when cooked. Very flavorful, Italian heirloom. 85 days. #2765 Out of stock. Last...

  • Watermelon Beefsteak Tomato

    Watermelon Beefsteak Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 20-30 seeds per pack. A century old variety bearing very large, one pound plus, pink tinted, beefsteak fruits. Flavor is excellent, with rich texture and complex overtones. Wonderful for slicing and...

  • White Beauty Tomato

    White Beauty Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. Large, beefsteak/slicing style tomato that ripens to a creamy white color. Noted for being one of the most white colored tomatoes available. Pretty fruits make for an exotic addition...

  • White Belgian Carrot

    White Belgian Carrot

    (Daucus carota) 200-300 seeds per pack. Yields huge roots, up to 12-24". This variety is an old type from France and Belgium, where it was once popular both for eating and as cattle feed. The large roots ripen to white, with...

  • White Egg Turnip

    White Egg Turnip

    (Brassica rapa var rapa) 2000 seeds per pack. A fast-growing, white, egg-shapped turnip. Roots can grow to 3 1/2" by 2 1/2", with white flesh and occasional green tint around the crown. Flesh has a nice, mild flavor with...

  • White Hyacinth Bean

    (Lablab purpurea) 6 seeds per pack. An uncommon, white flowered variety of the popular Hyacinth Bean. White flowers are followed by green colored pods. Indeterminate, can grow to many feet and loves to twist around arbors...

  • White Icicle Radish

    White Icicle Radish

    (Raphanus sativus) 750 seeds per pack. A nice white radish, with roots that can grow to 4-6". The roots have a slightly spicy hot flavor, offering a great alternative to mild radishes. Roots stay completely white in color as...

  • White Portugal Onion

    (Allium cepa) 125-200 seeds per pack. A wonderful multipurpose onion. Bulbs are large, flattened, with a great sweet and mild flavor. Can also be used as a bunching onion when young. #1982 Currently on sale.Out of stock...

  • White Princess Tomato

    White Princess Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A medium sized white tomato with very nice flavor. Fruits are 2-4 ounces, ripen to white, with yellow tint and red blushes. The variety may have originated in France. #3746 Open...

  • White Stem Celery

    (Apium graveolens) 500 seeds per pack. An interesting Asian celery, originally from Taiwan. Yields tall plants with white stems (rare for a celery) and green-yellow leaves. Popular for use in a number of Asian dishes. 80...

  • White Tomesol Tomato

    White Tomesol Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A very flavorful white variety bearing 6-8oz fruits with a creamy, sweet taste. Fruits ripen to a cream-white color and have a low acidity. Very uncommon. #1797 Open pollinated...

  • White Zebra Tomato

    White Zebra Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25-50 seeds per pack. Medium sized, white tomato, with faint green stripes. The White Zebra is a pleasure to the eye and to the taste, having a nice, sweet flavor with moderate pulp. Fruits grow to...

  • Wild Brazil Pepper

    Wild Brazil Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10-15 seeds per pack. A tiny but very hot wild pepper from Brazil. Fruits are pea sized and ripen to bright yellow. The pods have a wonderful spicy-fruity aroma. Extremely spicy, on the level of a Tepin...

  • Wild Card Blues Tomato

    Wild Card Blues Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. A beautiful blue tomato, with medium sized fruits that can reach the size of a smaller beefsteak. Has very prominent and dark blue coloration, with red beneath. Fruits have a solid...

  • Wild Lettuce

    (Lactuca virosa) 25 seeds per pack. A peculiar type of lettuce and one of the only "wild" lettuces, this species is best known for its ethnobotanical uses. Wild Lettuce is sometimes known as Opium Lettuce for its historical...

  • Wild Pepper

    (Capsicum chacoense) 5 seeds per pack. A rare, wild pepper native to South America. The pods are small, slender and ripen to red. Growth habit is similar to standard peppers, though like many wild peppers, it is a perennial...

  • Wild Tomato

    Wild Tomato

    (Lycopersicon melanocarpa) 25 seeds per pack. A beautiful striped, wild tomato. Fruits grow to 2-3oz and ripen to a red, with orange and yellow striped. Flavor is much like normal tomatoes, rich and sweet. Plants grow to...

  • Winter Melon, Long Giant

    (Benincasa hispida) 10-15 seeds per pack. A large variety of the popular Asian winter melon, producing long, blocky fruits that can grow 2-3 feet long! Fruits can weigh in at up to 30 pounds. This variety is a common one...

  • Wooly Blue Jay Tomato

    Wooly Blue Jay Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10-15 seeds per pack. A fabulously strange tomato, with deep purple-blue blotched skin. Contains blue pigment which darkens in sunshine giving fruits a unique and amazing look. The plant stems are also...

  • Wooly Blue Wine Tomato

    Wooly Blue Wine Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. Is this even a tomato!? Yes, one of the more exotic looking tomatoes, Wooly Blue Wine combines deep red flesh with rare blue coloring, covered in a light fuzz. Mild flavor is akin to...

  • Yard Long Bean, Black Seed

    Yard Long Bean, Black Seed

    (Vigna sesquipedalis) 15 seeds per pack. A tropical yard long bean bearing two foot pods with purple blushes at their tips. The variety is also unique for its black seeds. Grows particularly well in warm and wet climates...

  • Yard Long Bean, White

    (Vigna sesquipedalis) 15 seeds per pack. A popular yard long bean, unique for its light colored beans that ripen with a white-green color. Pods are crispy, very tasty, and popular cooked in stir fry's. Grows to 20-24"...

  • Yellow Flesh Red Interior Tomato

    Yellow Flesh Red Interior Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A plump yellow tomato with longkeeper qualities. Fruits ripen with yellow skin and red fleshed interiors of varying intensity. Good flavoring and excellent for storage off of the...

  • Yellow Jelly Bean Pepper

    Yellow Jelly Bean Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Yellow Fire Pepper. A rare, wild pepper, possibly from Peru. Pods are small, about 1/2", round, with a very hot flavor. Plants have a vigorous, spreading and bushy habit with...


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