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Tropical Fruit


Seeds for Tropical Fruits from around the world! Rare, fresh seeds for gardeners in every climate.

  • Zingiber zerumbet - Shampoo Ginger

    Zingiber zerumbet - Shampoo Ginger

    8 seeds per pack. A fast-growing and very attractive ornamental ginger. While mainly grown for its erect, bright red flower heads, it finds some edible uses. The leaves are used to wrap foods and impart classic ginger flavor...

  • Ziziphus joazeiro - Jua

    Ziziphus joazeiro - Jua

    3 seeds per pack. A Jujube relative, native to the dry forests of northeastern Brazil. Bears a 1" fruit with fleshy pulp and a mildly sweet flavor. Said to be high in vitamin C. The fruits are appreciated locally and...

  • Ziziphus jujube - Jujube

    Ziziphus jujube - Jujube

    5 seeds per pack. Please note: This batch of seeds has already been removed from the stone. Native to China, but now grown throughout the subtropics and temperate world. Fruit can be eaten at different stages, with a taste...



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