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  • Canarium schweinfurthii - African Elemi

    Canarium schweinfurthii - African Elemi

    1 seed per pack. An important African tree, both for its edible fruits and as a source of elemi, a resin with a variety of uses in medicine and industry. The purple to black colored fruits have an olive-like flavor and are...

  • Canarium subulatum - Canarium subulatum

    Canarium subulatum - Canarium subulatum

    1 seed per pack. A southeast Asian forest tree, found primarily in seasonally wet areas. The fruits can be eaten, and taste a bit like olives. The timber is also used in construction. Fruits are typically eaten fresh, often...

  • Capparis bonifaziana - Barnix Tree

    5 seeds per pack. A caper relative from the lowland forests of South America. Unlike its famous relative, this species forms a small to medium sized tree up to 5-25 m (15-75 ft). Bears yellow-orange fruits that are said to...

  • Capsicum rhomboideum - Wild Pepper

    Capsicum rhomboideum - Wild Pepper

    10 seeds per pack. A unique and highly interesting wild pepper, completely unlike common hot peppers. Bears tiny, red, berry-like fruits with no heat. The fruits are said to be edible and have a very mild flavor. When dried...

  • Carica candicans - Wild Papaya

    Carica candicans - Wild Papaya

    5 seeds per pack. A wild papaya that is extremely uncommon outside of its native Andean valley range. Bears slender, edible fruits that are generally eaten cooked or used in preserves. Naturally adapted to a drier and cooler...

  • Carica cnidoscoloides - Stinging Papaya

    Carica cnidoscoloides - Stinging Papaya

    4 seeds per pack. A really strange, wild papaya species with large, winged fruits covered in hairs. The fruits contain sweet, edible pulp and ripen to green. Shrubby habit, similar to the common papaya. Also features large,...

  • Carica goudotiana - Papayuelo

    Carica goudotiana - Papayuelo

    5 seeds per pack. A papaya relative bearing edible, medium sized fruits with a sweet flavor. The fruits are sometimes eaten fresh or used in preserves and can be occasionally found in local markets near the species' wild...

  • Carica lanceolata - Wild Papaya

    Carica lanceolata - Wild Papaya

    4 seeds per pack. An extremely rare, wild papaya, bearing striped, pear shaped fruits that ripen to yellow and orange. This species appears to be sometimes erroneously included as C. quercifolia, as this has more plumper,...

  • Carica microcarpa baccata - Ecuadorian Wild Papaya

    5 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Vasconcellea microcarpa. A rare, wild papaya relative native to the rainforests of Ecuador. Bears small, edible red fruits. Slender, unbranched growth to 10-15 feet. Unknown frost hardiness. Very...

  • Carica monoica - Wild Papaya

    Carica monoica - Wild Papaya

    2 seeds per pack. A wild papaya, from Central and South America. Bears small orange fruits up to a few inches in length, with a very mild flavor. The plant shows typical growth to that of the standard papaya. Not freeze...

  • Carica palandensis - Papillo

    Carica palandensis - Papillo

    4 seeds per pack. A very rare papaya relative, discovered only in 1995 growing deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. The delightful round fruits are around softball sized and contain tasty edible pulp that can used fresh...

  • Carica papaya - Honeydew Papaya

    Carica papaya - Honeydew Papaya

    15 seeds per pack. A popular papaya variety from India, with medium to large sized fruits that can reach 3-4 pounds. Semi-dwarf, gynodioecious. Hardy to 32F or a bit lower, generally likes warm weather for optimal growth...

  • Carica papaya - Maridol Papaya

    15 seeds per pack. Large fruited variety, similar to the mexican papaya but with red flesh much like the Sunrise papaya. Very fast-growing, can produce fruit from seed in just 9 months. Hardy to 32F or a bit lower, generally...

  • Carica papaya - Papaya 'Caribbean Red'

    Carica papaya - Papaya 'Caribbean Red'

    10 seeds per pack. Large, red pulped papaya. Fruits are slender, up to 12+" long with flavorful fruity flesh. Very fast-growing, can produce fruit from seed in just 9 months. Hardy to 32F, generally likes warm weather for...

  • Carica papaya - Red Lady Papaya

    Carica papaya - Red Lady Papaya

    10 seeds per pack. A large fruited papaya, with huge fruits averaging 5-7 lbs. Fruits are long and bulky, with deep red flesh. Grows on a semi-dwarf plant to 7 ft. Care is similar to other papaya varieties. #4832 Out of...

  • Carica papaya - Tainung Papaya

    Carica papaya - Tainung Papaya

    10 seeds per pack. A popular commercial papaya with hefty, oblong fruits that weigh from 3-5 pounds. Deep salmon red, soft and sweetly flavored flesh. Also an excellent variety for container culture or being kept as a dwarf...

  • Carica pubescens cundinamarcensis - Mountain Papaya

    Carica pubescens cundinamarcensis - Mountain Papaya

    5 seeds per pack. Occasionally designated as its own species, but really a variety of the standard Mountain Papaya, this type produces larger fruits. Interesting, and little-known papaya species from the Andes mountains...

  • Carica quercifolia - Oak Leaved Papaya

    Carica quercifolia - Oak Leaved Papaya

    8 seeds per pack. a.k.a Vasconcellea quercifolia. Somewhat rare, highland papaya from the Andes mountains. Produces small, 1-2" long bright orange fruit with a juicy orange pulp having a sweet smell and flavor quite unique...

  • Carica stipulata - Siglalon

    Carica stipulata - Siglalon

    4 seeds per pack. A wild papaya from the Andes, this species is believed to be one of the parent cross species that produced the (seedless) Babaco. Bears rounded and lobed fruits with an acidic flavor that can be used in...

  • Carica vasconcela - Cobquecura Papaya

    Carica vasconcela - Cobquecura Papaya

    4 seeds per pack. A highly intriguing member of the Papaya family naturally growing the furthest south of any known wild papaya population. Bears good sized, tasty, edible yellow fruits that have similarities to the Mountain...

  • Carica weberbaueri - Maushan

    Carica weberbaueri - Maushan

    4 seeds per pack. A really interesting and rare papaya relative from the Peruvian Andes mountains. It bears triangular, lobed fruits that ripen to orange-red and are said to be quite tasty when eaten fresh. They are also...

  • Carissa bispinosa - Num Num

    Carissa bispinosa - Num Num

    5 seeds per pack. A fleshy, red-fruited relative of the Natal Plum. Fruits are ovoid, with sweet edible flesh that is quite good. The fruits are popular in parts of Southern Africa where the plant is native. A tree-like...

  • Carissa haematocarpa - Karroo Num-Num

    5 seeds per pack. A Natal Plum relative bearing small black fruits. Native to South Africa, this species appears to be even more tolerant of dry conditions than some of its near relatives. Shrubby, bushy growth up to a...

  • Carissa macrocarpa - Variegated Natal Plum

    Carissa macrocarpa - Variegated Natal Plum

    8 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a variegated variant of the Natal Plum. Note that seedlings can show either variegated and normal foliage. Small shrub or bush. Fruits are similar to the regular form and can be eaten fresh...

  • Carissa wyliei - Forest Num Num

    3 seeds per pack. A relative of the Natal Plum bearing red, oval, edible fruits. Little known and uncommon in cultivation. A short shrub, growing to 3-6 ft. Similar overall growth habit to the Natal Plum. Probably hardy to...

  • Carnegiea gigantea - Saguaro Cactus

    Carnegiea gigantea - Saguaro Cactus

    10 seeds per pack. The beautiful Saguaro cactus is widely known as the "classic" cactus of the American southwest. Shows upright, slow growth up to 50ft, with occasional branching. Hardy to 15F. Bears edible fruits with red...

  • Casimiroa tetrameria - Wooly Leafed Sapote

    Casimiroa tetrameria - Wooly Leafed Sapote

    1 seed per pack. A wild sapote, native to southern Mexico, bearing fruits that are smaller than typical commercial white sapotes. The species and its fruits are similar to the white sapote in most ways, except the mature...

  • Cassia moschata - Bronze Shower Tree

    Cassia moschata - Bronze Shower Tree

    10 seeds per pack. A spectacular shower tree with unique flowering coloring. The profuse blooms are a brilliant orange-copper-yellow color. The long, hard-shelled fruits have edible, acidicly sweet pulp surrounding the seeds...

  • Castilla elastica - Panama Rubber Tree

    Castilla elastica - Panama Rubber Tree

    1 seed per pack. Although primarily grown for its rubber latex, this species, native to tropical America, produces brightly colored, edible fruits that grow to around 1-2". It is distantly related to the Jackfruit &...

  • Cavendishia bracteata - Mountain Grape

    10 seeds per pack. A lovely and little known blueberry relative, bearing small, purple, edible fruits. Also noteworthy for having brightly colored, pink-red blossom which form in dense clusters. Shrubby, can grow up to 12 ft...

  • Cereus aethiops -

    10-15 seeds per pack. A pretty apple cactus having spiny, blue-green colored stems that can grow up to 5-12 feet tall. Quite ornamental just for its foliage, but the plant also bears 1 1/2" red fruits with edible white pulp...

  • Cereus chalybaeus -

    10-15 seeds per pack. Very similar to Cereus aethiops, with columnar cactus growth to 10 ft. Bears red fruits with white pulp that is likely edible. Native to Uruguay and Argentina. Very uncommon but desirable for arid and...

  • Cereus hankeanus - Bolivian Apple Cactus

    10 seeds per pack. A columnar Apple Cactus native to Bolivia. Bears good-sized, red fruits with neon-red, edible pulp. Fruits can grow to 3-5". Upright growing habit, to 5-15 ft, with some branching. Also features lovely...

  • Cereus hexagonus - Lady of the Night Cactus

    10-15 seeds per pack. A columnar cactus that can grow to 30 feet bearing large, up to 8" red fruits with white flesh. Flesh is mildly sweet and said to have an apricot-like flavor. Features long, up to 10" white flowers that...

  • Cereus jamacaru - Pleated Cereus

    Cereus jamacaru - Pleated Cereus

    10 seeds per pack. A less common apple cactus with a tree-like growth habit to 10-30 feet tall. Bears 5" long oval fruits that ripen to dark red and contain edible, mildly sweet white pulp. Similar to the more common apple...

  • Chrysobalanus icaco - White Cocoplum

    Chrysobalanus icaco - White Cocoplum

    2 seeds per pack. Fruits are from the coastal, white fruited variant. Small fruit with fleshy white pulp that is popular for jams. The cocoplum is a low-growing (usually 2-6 ft) shrub that does exceedingly well along...


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