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  • Baccaurea pyriformis - Keliwetn

    1 seed per pack. A scarcely known Baccaurea, native to the humid rainforests of Borneo. Forms small, brown, rounded fruits that slightly resemble a longan. The flesh is edible and bright orange in color. Not cultivated, but...

  • Baccaurea racemosa - Menteng

    Baccaurea racemosa - Menteng

    2 seeds per pack. A rare Baccaurea from the jungles of Borneo. Bears 1/2-1" fruits which ripen to red. Pulp is bright blue, edible and this species is one of the better Baccaurea's. Medium to large tree to 50+ feet. Likely...

  • Baccaurea ramilflora - Burmese Grape

    Baccaurea ramilflora - Burmese Grape

    3 seeds per pack. A cultivated fruit in portions of India and the Malaysian Peninsula region. Bears small, red to purple colored fruits in large clusters. The fruits are eaten fresh or used in wines and beverages. A lesser...

  • Benkara armigera - Randia parvula

    5 seeds per pack. A little-known and apparently little-studied Randia (blackberry jam fruit) relative from Southeast Asia. Features attractive, white flowers. Small to medium sized tree. Little information is available about...

  • Berberis gracilis - Mexican Barberry

    Berberis gracilis - Mexican Barberry

    10 seeds per pack. A medium-sized, bushy barberry native to Mexico. Small, edible, dark-blue/purple fruits are produced in summer, preceded by ornamental flower clumps. This plant is distinguished by its growing...

  • Berchemia zeyheri - Pink Ivory

    Berchemia zeyheri - Pink Ivory

    5 seeds per pack. An interesting ornamental and edible tree native to South Africa. Most valued as a luxury hardwood, used in fine furniture and craft work. Also bears small, red-brown fruits said to have a mildly sweet...

  • Billardiera cymosa - Sweet Appleberry

    10 seeds per pack. Closely related to the Appleberry, this species produces small, sausage shaped, edible fruits with a sweet flavor having tones of anise seed. A small vine, native to South Australia. Has pretty, small,...

  • Billardiera longiflora - Appleberry

    Billardiera longiflora - Appleberry

    10 seeds per pack. Pretty, dark purple fruited, climbing vine/shrub. Bears small, blue-purple fruits with a mild and aromatic flavor. Delicate and attractive as an ornamental. The appleberry is hardy to about 20-22F. #909...

  • Bixa orellana - Yellow Lipstick Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Rare, yellow fruited variety. Source of annato. Small tree produces spiky fruit containing dark red seeds that are used as a commercial dye. Tree is extremely beautiful in full flowering and fruiting. Can...

  • Blighia sapida - Ackee

    Blighia sapida - Ackee

    1 seed per pack. Red-orange, triangular lobed fruit fabled for its delicious edible arils, but poisonous unripe skin and flesh. The fruit is a national favorite in Jamaica and is traditionally prepared with salted fish. Tree...

  • Bouea macrophylla - Maprang

    Bouea macrophylla - Maprang

    1 seed per pack. A commercially cultivated fruit of southeast Asia, though quite rare in the rest of the world. The 2-4" fruits look somewhat like a mango and ripen to a green-yellow-orange color. The whole fruit, as well as...

  • Bridelia micrantha - Coastal Golden Leaf

    5 seeds per pack. A fast-growing, deciduous African tree reaching up to 50-60 ft. Bears small black berries that are reportedly edible, with a mild, sweet flavor. The leaves have a pale green to golden underside. The tree is...

  • Bromelia karatas - Plumier's Bromelia

    Bromelia karatas - Plumier's Bromelia

    5 seeds per pack. A wonderful bromeliad, producing oblong, pink to brown colored fruits that are said to have a great sour-sweet flavor. The fruits are used to flavor beverages and have some low scale commercial production...

  • Bunchosia glandulifera - Peanut Butter Fruit

    Bunchosia glandulifera - Peanut Butter Fruit

    1 seed per pack. Please note that many seeds from this batch are beginning to germinate. Red fruit with sticky pulp resembling a dried fig or peanut butter (hence the common name). The fruits are eaten fresh and used to...

  • Bunchosia sp. - Peanut Butter Fruit

    Bunchosia sp. - Peanut Butter Fruit

    1 seed per pack. Species unknown but probably B. armeniaca. Red fruit with sticky pulp resembling a dried fig or peanut butter (hence the common name). The fruits are eaten fresh and used to flavor drinks. Small/medium...

  • Byrsonima aerugo - Sour Pear

    5 seeds per pack. A nance relative, native to the jungles of South America. Bears small red fruits that are said to be edible and also have some medicinal applications. Features pretty yellow flowers clusters. Medium to...

  • Byrsonima crassifolia - Cafe Nance - Seeds

    Byrsonima crassifolia - Cafe Nance - Seeds

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are from an uncommon coffee colored nance. A well-known fruit through much of the Caribbean and parts of tropical America. Bears small fruits to about 1/2" wide with varying sweetly acid flavor. The...

  • Byrsonima lucida - Locust Berry

    Byrsonima lucida - Locust Berry

    2 seeds per pack. A small shrub native to South Florida and the Keys. Bears small berry fruits that ripen to a chalky orange color. The fruits are said to be edible and are popular with birds. Also features attractive red...

  • Calyptranthes pallens - Spicewood

    Calyptranthes pallens - Spicewood

    1 seed per pack. Please note that a few of the seeds in this batch are beginning to germinate. A rare, edible berry native to South Florida, in the Miami-Dade county area. It bears small, edible fruits that ripen to dark...

  • Camellia oleifera - Tea Oil Tree

    Camellia oleifera - Tea Oil Tree

    3 seeds per pack. Not to be confused with the Tea Tree Oil, the Tea Oil Tree is a beautiful ornamental Camellia that is an important source of edible oil. The sweet flavored oil is used as a seasoning, for cooking, and for a...

  • Camellia pitardii - Camellia

    Camellia pitardii - Camellia

    3 seeds per pack. White-pink flowered Camellia species. The species is sometimes cultivated for its edible seed oil. Apple-sized fruits bear large seeds. Bushy shrub, is hardy to about 25F. #900 View plant database page.Out...

  • Camellia sinensis - Tea

    Camellia sinensis - Tea

    3 seeds per pack. This plant produces the tea of commerce. The dried young leaves are green tea, and the fermented leaves are black tea. The tea plant is a low-growing bushy shrub to 15ft. Hardy to 20F. Grows well in...

  • Campomanesia guazumifolia - Aguaricara

    1 seed per pack. An interesting, wild guava, related to the perfume guava, having green fruits with edible flesh. Small to medium sized tree up to 5-10 m / 15-30 ft. Fairly fast-growing, hardy to 27-30F. Quite rare in...

  • Campomanesia lineatifolia - Perfume Guava

    Campomanesia lineatifolia - Perfume Guava

    1 seed per pack. A beautiful guava relative with strongly aromatic, flattened fruits that have an edible, creamy pulp that is mildly sweet and acidic. Small to medium sized tree up to 20-30 feet. Attractive foliage, flowers...

  • Canarium indicum - Galip Nut

    1 seed per pack. A delicious edible nut, and relative of the esteemed Pili, the Galip is a medium sized nut with a rich flavor that reminds of almond. They are usually eaten fresh or lightly roasted. An edible and tasty oil...

  • Canarium odontophyllum - Borneo Olive

    Canarium odontophyllum - Borneo Olive

    1 seed per pack. A Bornean fruit, often said to be prized as a delicacy, that once soaked in warm water has a tasty, nutty, avocado-like flavor. Fruits are oval, with a blue-gray-purple exterior and yellow flesh. Tropical...

  • Canarium ovatum - Pili Nut

    Canarium ovatum - Pili Nut

    1 seed per pack. A delicious and still relatively unknown (in the United States and Europe) tropical nut tree, bearing large fruits containing seeds with a kernel that is often eaten raw and toasted. Medium sized tree up to...

  • Canarium salomonense - Huachuga

    Canarium salomonense - Huachuga

    1 seed per pack. A rare Pili Nut, native to the Solomon Islands and New Guinea. Its oblong fruits contain a large, hard-shelled, single seed with an edible nut, that is reportedly very tasty. A large, tropical tree growing...

  • Canarium schweinfurthii - African Elemi

    Canarium schweinfurthii - African Elemi

    1 seed per pack. An important African tree, both for its edible fruits and as a source of elemi, a resin with a variety of uses in medicine and industry. The purple to black colored fruits have an olive-like flavor and are...

  • Canarium subulatum - Canarium subulatum

    Canarium subulatum - Canarium subulatum

    1 seed per pack. A southeast Asian forest tree, found primarily in seasonally wet areas. The fruits can be eaten, and taste a bit like olives. The timber is also used in construction. Fruits are typically eaten fresh, often...

  • Canna edulis - Canna

    Canna edulis - Canna

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Canna indica. Important crop plant producing large tuberous rhizomes that can be eaten raw, cooked, or used in baking. Also grown as an ornamental, with numerous ornamental strains in cultivation...

  • Capparis bonifaziana - Barnix Tree

    5 seeds per pack. A caper relative from the lowland forests of South America. Unlike its famous relative, this species forms a small to medium sized tree up to 5-25 m (15-75 ft). Bears yellow-orange fruits that are said to...

  • Capsicum rhomboideum - Wild Pepper

    Capsicum rhomboideum - Wild Pepper

    10 seeds per pack. A unique and highly interesting wild pepper, completely unlike common hot peppers. Bears tiny, red, berry-like fruits with no heat. The fruits are said to be edible and have a very mild flavor. When dried...

  • Carica candicans - Wild Papaya

    Carica candicans - Wild Papaya

    5 seeds per pack. A wild papaya that is extremely uncommon outside of its native Andean valley range. Bears slender, edible fruits that are generally eaten cooked or used in preserves. Naturally adapted to a drier and cooler...

  • Carica cnidoscoloides - Stinging Papaya

    Carica cnidoscoloides - Stinging Papaya

    4 seeds per pack. A really strange, wild papaya species with large, winged fruits covered in hairs. The fruits contain sweet, edible pulp and ripen to green. Shrubby habit, similar to the common papaya. Also features large,...

  • Carica goudotiana - Papayuelo

    Carica goudotiana - Papayuelo

    5 seeds per pack. A papaya relative bearing edible, medium sized fruits with a sweet flavor. The fruits are sometimes eaten fresh or used in preserves and can be occasionally found in local markets near the species' wild...


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