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  • Believe It or Not Tomato

    Believe It or Not Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A very nice and very large(!) classic red beefsteak-like tomato. Fruits routinely weight well over a pound and up to two pounds! Smooth-skinned, red ripening and great for slicing,...

  • Angelica atropurpurea - Giant Purple Angelica

    Angelica atropurpurea - Giant Purple Angelica

    50 seeds per pack. A native American angelica, and one of the largest. Features purple stems and large, multi-pinnate leaves. During warmer months, produces large clusters of small white flowers. Pretty, and fairly uncommon...

  • Penstemon eatonii - Firecracker Penstemon

    Penstemon eatonii - Firecracker Penstemon

    150 seeds per pack. A bright red flowered penstemon native to California and portions of the Western United States. One to four foot flower stalks feature showy, tubular red flowers. Minimal water needs once established...

  • Mini Roma Tomato

    Mini Roma Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Baby Roma, Cherry Roma. Wonderful variety of mini-sized Roma tomatoes. Maintains the flavor and quality of the Roma, with the size of a grape tomato. Great for snacking! #563...

  • Ananas Noir Tomato

    Ananas Noir Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. An exceedingly uncommon and oddball tomato bearing yellow-orange beefsteak-style fruits that have dark green/black splotches. The fruits grow to well over a pound and have a...

  • Papayadew F1 Melon

    Papayadew F1 Melon

    (Cucumis melo) 10 seeds per pack. A wonderful hybrid honeydew melon that rates high on the sweetness scale. The aroma and flavor suggest a luscious tropical fruit. The melons ripen white a yellow-white skin and orange flesh,...

  • Helianthus annuus - Giant Mongolian Sunflower

    Helianthus annuus - Giant Mongolian Sunflower

    15 seeds per pack. One of the largest sunflowers in the world, the Giant Mongolian produces flower heads that reach up to a foot and a half! The seeds are huge for a sunflower and can grow to 1.5" long. Flowers are a...

  • Helianthus annuus - Titan Sunflower

    Helianthus annuus - Titan Sunflower

    15 seeds per pack. A huge sunflower, one of the largest in the world, having giant heads and large seeds. Plants grow to 12ft with heads up to 24" across! Plants are quite uniform and have set records for size. Annual. 75...

  • Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    2 seeds per pack. A rare and newly introduced jaboticaba, this variety is best known for being fast bearing from seed. Standard jaboticaba's can take up to 8-10 years to fruit from seed, while this variety has fruited in as...

  • Aji Santa Cruz Pepper

    Aji Santa Cruz Pepper

    (Capsicum baccatum) 10 seeds per pack. A large fruited and mildly spicy baccatum, with lovely, red colored pods that can grow to a few inches in length. Flavor is mild, with occasional moderate heat (3000-5000 SHU) and a...

  • Myrciaria glazioviana - Yellow Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria glazioviana - Yellow Jaboticaba

    1 seed per pack. A round, yellow-orange colored fruit and a jaboticaba relative. The fruits have a sweet and aromatic, apricot-like flavor. A shrubby tree growing to 6-20 ft. Shows some frost tolerance to 27-28F and can be a...

  • Black Beauty Tomato

    Black Beauty Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. As of 2015, this is likely the darkest known tomato in the world. This variety is so "blue" that it looks black. Meaty red flesh inside, with quite good flavor. Fruits grow to a few...

  • Fruit Punch Tomato

    Fruit Punch Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A delightful cherry tomato bearing plump fruits that ripen to a pinkish red. Has a great, fruity flavor, with lots of full taste. Good yields. #3144 Open pollinated. Indeterminate...

  • De Arbol Pepper

    De Arbol Pepper

    (Capsicum annuum) 25 seeds per pack. Slender red chili pepper to 3-6" long. Spicy, with similarities to the Thai Dragon pepper. Highly popular in Mexico. This variety is also noteworthy for its vigorous tree-like (hence the...

  • Papaver s. - Danebrog Poppy

    Papaver s. - Danebrog Poppy

    300 seeds per pack. An electric form of the garden breadseed poppy with fiery red petals and a snow white center. Grows to 3-4ft. Very unusual, much unlike standard poppies. Annual. #1414

  • Cassia fistula - Golden Shower Tree

    Cassia fistula - Golden Shower Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Gorgeous tropical tree producing long strands of yellow flowers. A very common garden tree throughout Hawaii and many tropical locations. Its flower is the official flower of Thailand and the tree has a...

  • Dwarf Uluru Ochre Tomato

    Dwarf Uluru Ochre Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. An excellent orange-black, beefsteak style tomato, growing on dwarf plants. Quite prolific, with sizable yields of 6-16 ounce fruits on compact, 2-4 foot plants. Very nice flavor,...

  • Prunella vulgaris - Self-Heal

    Prunella vulgaris - Self-Heal

    100 seeds per pack. Fairly widespread member of the mint family, known for its years-old uses for a wide variety of medical problems, too numerous to list here. Plant is a creeping annual, with aromatic leaves, and purple...

  • Feijoa sellowiana - Feijoa

    Feijoa sellowiana - Feijoa

    10 seeds per pack. Oval shaped green fruit with highly aromatic, perfume smelling flesh tasting like a combination of guava, strawberry, pineapple, and mint. Eaten fresh or in salads and drinks. Small shrub produces an...

  • Buddleja davidii - Butterfly Bush Mixed Colors

    Buddleja davidii - Butterfly Bush Mixed Colors

    50 seeds per pack. A popular perennial bush with huge and colorful blossoms that attracts both hummingbirds and butterflies. The large flower stalks can grow over a foot long. Seeds are for mixed colors, including blues,...

  • Gilia tricolor - Bird's Eyes

    Gilia tricolor - Bird's Eyes

    1000 seeds per pack. A low-growing, ornamental annual with white, pink, light blue and violet flowers, having a lovely chocolate scent! The flowers are very popular with hummingbirds and pollinators. Grows to 12-18". Flowers...

  • Chrysanthemum maximum - Shasta Daisy

    Chrysanthemum maximum - Shasta Daisy

    750 seeds per pack. A bright, white-petaled daisy that is native to Western Europe and is known for its long-lasting blooms, which can last for an entire summer. The sunny flowers are beautiful in landscapes, pots and even...

  • Fragaria vesca - Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    Fragaria vesca - Alexandria Alpine Strawberry

    100 seeds per pack. Red colored alpine strawberry with a good, rich flavor. Probably the best of the red varieties. Care is similar to that of the standard strawberry. #312 Hardy to at least zone 6 (-10 - 0F).View plant...

  • Giant Inca White Corn

    Giant Inca White Corn

    (Zea mays) 10 seeds per pack. A cancha corn from Peru, this type has huge kernels that run 2-4 times the size of usual corns. Large plants can reach 10-12 feet. Popular for use in posole, stews and other Mexican dishes...

  • Viburnum cassinoides - Appalachian Tea

    Viburnum cassinoides - Appalachian Tea

    15 seeds per pack. An ornamental and edible Viburnum, native to eastern North America. Bears small, blue to purple, edible fruits with a small amount of sweet flesh. The leaves are also prepared as a substitute for tea...

  • Gaillardia aristata - Blanketflower

    Gaillardia aristata - Blanketflower

    500 seeds per pack. A brightly colored perennial flower that is native to the northwestern United States. Features radiant petals in bright reds and yellows and slightly fuzzy, dandelion-like leaves. Very easy to grow and...

  • Nemophila maculata - Five Spot

    Nemophila maculata - Five Spot

    250 seeds per pack. A lovely, soft-petaled wildflower, instantly recognizable for its white petals, adored with distinctive violet colored spots. An herbaceous annual, native to northern California. Grows nicely in part...

  • Midnight Tiger Tomato

    Midnight Tiger Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. A multi-colored, eye-popping tomato, kind of like a Black Zebra with strong indigo stains. The fruits ripen with prominent red, green, orange and copper striping, with indigo blue...

  • Viburnum lentago - Nannyberry

    Viburnum lentago - Nannyberry

    10 seeds per pack. One of a few species of edible Viburnum's, producing small, red to dark purple colored fruits that are sweet and edible both raw and cooked. Native to much eastern and central North America. A medium...

  • Diospyros kaki - Persimmon

    Diospyros kaki - Persimmon

    5 seeds per pack. A very popular and hardy tree bearing softball-sized, orange-skinned fruits with a soft custardy pulp having a sweet flavor. Trees can grow to 25ft and are hardy to about 0F. The mature tree makes for a...

  • Choerospondias axillaris - Nepali Hog Plum

    Choerospondias axillaris - Nepali Hog Plum

    2 seeds per pack. A lesser known Spondias (Mombin) relative, with a native range form India through Japan. The small to medium sized fruits ripen to green and yellow, with sour flavored flesh that is often used in...

  • Brugmansia suaveolens - Angel's Trumpet

    Brugmansia suaveolens - Angel's Trumpet

    10 seeds per pack. A pink to orange flowered angel's trumpet with flowers reaching 12" or more. Flowers heavily, occasionally sweetly fragrant. Hardy to the upper 20's. Small shrubby tree to 10-20ft. #850 View plant database...

  • Ivory Pear Tomato

    Ivory Pear Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. Rare, ivory colored pear-shaped tomato. Plants bear heavy crops of these beautiful little translucent-ivory tomatoes. Flavor is sweet, similar to a cherry or pear tomato. #577 Open...

  • Nepal Tomato

    Nepal Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. An interesting and worthwhile tomato, particularly for gardeners looking for tomatoes that perform well in cooler weather. Nepal is originally from the Himalaya's and bears good,...

  • Darlingtonia californica - Cobra Lily

    Darlingtonia californica - Cobra Lily

    10 seeds per pack. Native to bogs and streambeds in parts of Northern California and Oregon, the Cobra Lily is a distinctive pitcher plant, recognizable for its leaves which resemble a rearing cobra. Very decorative and...

  • Death Spiral Pepper

    Death Spiral Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 10 seeds per pack. A newer super-hot strain, producing eye-popping heat and large, bumpy pods that ripen to red. The heat level is certainly extreme, with various sources claiming up to Reaper level heat...



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