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  • Gardener's Sweetheart Tomato

    Gardener's Sweetheart Tomato

    ( Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. This darling and delectable tomato is a joy to grow and to eat. Cherry sized fruits are heart-shaped and grow in long trusses. Firm texture and lovely, sweet flavor. Ripens to red...

  • Champagne Cherry Tomato

    Champagne Cherry Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A variety originally from France, Champagne Cherry bears huge amounts of small, yellow to somewhat translucent fruits. Perfect for snacking, with a nice sugar balance, texture and a...

  • Rosa rugosa - Red Rugosa Rose

    Rosa rugosa - Red Rugosa Rose

    10 seeds per pack. Large, dark red-flowered rose native to China bearing 1/2-1", bright red fruits, the rose hips. Fruits are edible and extremely high in vitamin C. Shrubby bush, hardy to at least 0F. #397 Hardy to at least...

  • Napa Chardonnay Tomato

    Napa Chardonnay Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A delicious cherry tomato, with plump, rounded to slightly flattened fruits with top notch flavor. Fruits ripen to a creamy yellow, sometimes with very faint indigo blushes on their...

  • Puya alpestris - Sapphire Tower

    Puya alpestris - Sapphire Tower

    10 seeds per pack. Bizarre bromeliad with several foot long flower spikes having gorgeous electric sapphire-blue colored flowers. Adapted to dry, cooler climates, hardy to 25F. #284 View plant database page...

  • Visitation Valley Tomato

    Visitation Valley Tomato

    (Lycopersicon esculentum ) 25 seeds per pack. Bears 3-6 oz fruits in nice clusters that ripen quite early! Named for the Visitation Valley neighborhood in San Francisco. Performs well in cooler and foggier climates. Fruit...

  • Candy Sweet Icicle Tomato

    Candy Sweet Icicle Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. An exotic, teardrop shaped tomato with wild stripes of gold. Fruits ripen to pink-red and have a delicious sweet, rich flavor. Nice clusters and healthy bearing. Uncommon and very...

  • Orange Accordion Tomato

    Orange Accordion Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. A giant, heavily ribbed tomato with a strange shape! The huge fruits routinely weigh well over a pound, with bright orange, fruity flavored, meaty flesh. The wild fruits ripen to an...

  • Fuchsia mathewsii - Fuchsia mathewsii

    Fuchsia mathewsii - Fuchsia mathewsii

    15 seeds per pack. A rarely cultivated Fuchsia from the mountains of Peru. Has prolific, fluorescent pink-red, tubular flowers, followed by small purple fruits. The leaves are red-veined. Like all Fuchsia's, it is both...

  • Red NAPA Chinese Cabbage

    Red NAPA Chinese Cabbage

    (Brassica rapa var pekinensis) 25 seeds per pack. A unique and brilliantly colored Chinese Cabbage, with large, vibrant, almost neon-colored leaves. Deep purple color permeates through the interior leaves. Excellent for...

  • Napa Rose Tomato

    Napa Rose Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 15 seeds per pack. Another excellent cherry tomato and a cousin to Napa Chardonnay. Small, delicious fruits have a lovely, tangy and fruity flavor. Rounded, and slightly flattened in shape, fruits...

  • Garcinia livingstonei - Imbe

    Garcinia livingstonei - Imbe

    1 seed per pack. Small-fruited relative of the mangosteen having a tasty, tart flavor. Fruits are orange, grow to 2" and a single tree can produce hundreds of fruits a season. Trees grow to 10-15ft, hardy to about 26F...

  • Digitalis purpurea - Foxglove Violet

    Digitalis purpurea - Foxglove Violet

    2000 seeds per pack. Light purple, speckled flowered digitalis. Small annual or perennial, grows practically anywhere and on any soil type. Plants are poisonous, but also source of an important cardiac drug. #809

  • Glycyrrhiza glabra - Licorice

    Glycyrrhiza glabra - Licorice

    15 seeds per pack. A shrubby perennial growing to about 3-4ft that is the source of commercial licorice. The main part used of the plant is its roots which have the characteristic anise-like flavor. The licorice plant also...

  • Rhubarb Red Chard

    Rhubarb Red Chard

    (Beta vulgaris) 200 seeds per pack. The classic chard, with a rich red flavor and an appearance much like rhubarb. Stems are bright red, leaves are dark green and are used much like spinach. Easy to grow and a great source...

  • Agastache foeniculum - Anise Hyssop

    Agastache foeniculum - Anise Hyssop

    250 seeds per pack. An herbal and ornamental beauty, featuring ornamental purple flower clusters. The crushed leaves smell like anise or licorice and are used medicinally. Flowers are showy and popular with beneficial...

  • Allium canadense - Wild Garlic

    Allium canadense - Wild Garlic

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Meadow Garlic. A wild onion native to much of North America. Bears small, edible bulbs covered with fibers, having an onion-like odor and flavor. Has showy, spiked inflorescenes with white-purple...

  • Glycyrrhiza echinata - Russian Licorice

    Glycyrrhiza echinata - Russian Licorice

    15 seeds per pack. A lesser known licorice native to Asia, having important uses (along with G. uralensis) in traditional Chinese medicine. Grows to 6 ft. Hardy to zone 5. Leaves have a strange, aromatic scent. Perennial...

  • Ocimum basilicum - New Guinea Basil

    Ocimum basilicum - New Guinea Basil

    100 seeds per pack. A rare basil variety original from New Guinea. Has similarities in coloration to African Blue Basil. Features green, pointed leaves, with purple accents and colorful violet flower. The leaves have an...

  • Malpighia yucatanaea - Malpighia yucatanaea

    Malpighia yucatanaea - Malpighia yucatanaea

    3 seeds per pack. A wild Malpighia, from the jungles of Southern Mexico. Note that this species is not identified for certain, though seeds are believed to be from M. yucatanaea. Photo is of the fruits seeds were collected...

  • Walla Walla Onion

    Walla Walla Onion

    (Allium cepa) 200 seeds per pack. One of the more famous sweet onions, known for its large onions with light brown skin. Has an excellent, sweet and mild flavor that is versatile for all types of uses. Early maturing and...

  • New Yorker Tomato

    New Yorker Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A popular cold tolerant and early season variety. Yields round, 4-6 ounce, red ripening fruits with an acid sweet flavor. Good bearing in short season areas and sets well in cooler...

  • Ailsa Craig Onion

    Ailsa Craig Onion

    (Allium cepa) 150 seeds per pack. A gigantic globe onion and a popular entry for size contests. The large, yellow onions can grow up to 8" in diameter! Firm skin, with mild and sweet flavored flesh. Keeps fairly well. #3164...

  • Feijoa sellowiana - Feijoa

    Feijoa sellowiana - Feijoa

    10 seeds per pack. Oval shaped green fruit with highly aromatic, perfume smelling flesh tasting like a combination of guava, strawberry, pineapple, and mint. Eaten fresh or in salads and drinks. Small shrub produces an...

  • Myrciaria aureana - White Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria aureana - White Jaboticaba

    1 seed per pack. A very difficult to find jaboticaba, having green fruits that ripen with a whitish hue. Similar in overall appearance and growth habit to other jaboticaba's. Fruits have a tasty, sweet flavor. Small, fairly...

  • Punica granatum - Pomegranate

    Punica granatum - Pomegranate

    20 seeds per pack. Ornamental red fruit with slightly tart, but sweet pulp. Can be eaten fresh, but is sometimes juiced or used in making preserves. The juice can also act as a dye. Trees withstand intense heat, drought, and...

  • Capparis spinosa - Caper

    Capparis spinosa - Caper

    25 seeds per pack. Vining, bushy plant, producing the capers of commerce. Subtropical/Mediterranean, can survive to 20F, as well as temperatures well above 100F. Pretty flowers are followed by egg shaped fruit. #302 Hardy to...

  • Carica pubescens - Mountain Papaya

    Carica pubescens - Mountain Papaya

    8 seeds per pack. Interesting, and little-known papaya species from the Andes mountains. Fruits are 3-6", with a tart flavor, and are often used to flavor drinks within its native range. Fast-grower, hardy to the mid 20's...

  • Zanthoxylum simulans - Szechuan Pepper

    Zanthoxylum simulans - Szechuan Pepper

    10 seeds per pack. A very popular spice used in Szechuan cooking as well as throughout other parts of China and Central Asia. Unrelated to black pepper and hot peppers, the small fruits have a spicy flavor with almost...

  • Vaccinium angustifolium - Lowbush Blueberry

    Vaccinium angustifolium - Lowbush Blueberry

    25 seeds per pack. A wild blueberry species native to eastern areas of Canada and the United States. This species is the predominant wild blueberry farmed commercially. A small shrub growing to only one, sometimes two feet...

  • Passiflora edulis - Red Passion Fruit

    Passiflora edulis - Red Passion Fruit

    10 seeds per pack. Red/purple skinned variety of the purple passion fruit. Flavor is similar to the purple passion fruit. Can be eaten fresh or used to flavor drinks, ice cream, sauces, etc. Fast-growing vine, can fruit...

  • Uvaria chamae - Bush Banana

    Uvaria chamae - Bush Banana

    2 seeds per pack. A strange Annona (sugar apple relative) with small, multi-stemmed, edible fruits. The orange-yellow ripening fruits individually look like small banana's and are widely eaten in its native range. Small,...

  • Manilkara zapota - Sapodilla

    Manilkara zapota - Sapodilla

    3 seeds per pack. Meaty fruit with soft, dark brown flesh having a sugary, fruity flavor. The sapodilla tree is also the source of chicle, a sticky latex substance used in chewing gum and industrial applications. The...

  • Cyrtostachys renda - Red Sealing Wax Palm

    Cyrtostachys renda - Red Sealing Wax Palm

    10 seeds per pack. Unusual, small growing palm with bright red stalks, the only such palm in the world. Very beautiful, good for pot culture. Needs a humid climate, hardy to about 40-45F. Seeds are fresh, cannot be stored...

  • Adansonia digitata - Baobab

    Adansonia digitata - Baobab

    8 seeds per pack. The famous baobab tree of Africa is known for its huge trunk, which can reach 80ft in girth. The tree has an unmistakable appearance, and bears fruits containing a powdery edible pulp that is made into...

  • Macadamia integrifolia x tetraphylla - Beaumont Macadamia

    Macadamia integrifolia x tetraphylla - Beaumont Macadamia

    2 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the very popular Beaumont variety, known for large crops over longer seasons. It is not known if seeds bear true to the parent variety. Subtropical tree from Australia produces the wonderful...



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