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Medicinal herb seeds from around the world.

  • Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Japanese Red Leaved

    Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Japanese Red Leaved

    250 seeds per pack. This interesting and useful Asian herb has been popularized in Japan as a spice, used much like basil. Seeds are from the dark-red-leafed variety. Leaves are often added to salads or used as flavoring for...

  • Petroselinum crispum - Parsley

    Petroselinum crispum - Parsley

    2000 seeds per pack. A small biennial herb, widely used in cooking. A bit similar to coriander in flavor, parsley has numerous uses in flavoring. The plant also attracts predatory insects and is sometimes used as companion...

  • Petroselinum crispum - Parsley, Moss Curled

    Petroselinum crispum - Parsley, Moss Curled

    1000 seeds per pack. A unique and ornamental parsley having thick, heavily curled leaves that form "heads" that look much like a clump of moss. Pretty for the garden, but useful for growing. Great as a garnish or for other...

  • Pimpinella anisum - Anise

    Pimpinella anisum - Anise

    500 seeds per pack. The amazingly aromatic anise plant is a small annual growing to about 2ft. Its seeds have a strong, pleasing scent and are used to flavor cooking. The leaves also contain the scented oil and like the...

  • Plantago major - Plantain

    Plantago major - Plantain

    100 seeds per pack. A small, hardy perennial growing to a few inches high. The plantain (not to be confused by the banana-like plantain), has use for its edible leaves and seeds which are very high in vitamin B. The plant is...

  • Platycodon grandiflorus - Balloon Flower

    Platycodon grandiflorus - Balloon Flower

    (Platycodon grandiflorus) 500 seeds per pack. A versatile medicinal, edible and ornamental perennial. Yields the popular medicinal root known as doraji. Doraji is also found in a number of prepared Korean dishes. The plant...

  • Polygonum hydropiper - Waterpepper

    Polygonum hydropiper - Waterpepper

    50 seeds per pack. A small annual growing to about 2ft, known for its spicy leaves which are used in Japanese cooking. The leaves have a Sichuan Pepper-like flavor. The seeds are highly pungent as well and the sprouted seeds...

  • Prunella vulgaris - Self-Heal

    Prunella vulgaris - Self-Heal

    100 seeds per pack. Fairly widespread member of the mint family, known for its years-old uses for a wide variety of medical problems, too numerous to list here. Plant is a creeping annual, with aromatic leaves, and purple...

  • Pycnanthemum pilosum - Mountain Mint

    Pycnanthemum pilosum - Mountain Mint

    100 seeds per pack. A North American native with highly aromatic leaves that have a wide variety of uses. Leaves can be used in potpourri's, teas, repellents, incenses and for some medicinal purposes. Small plants feature...

  • Pycnanthemum tenuifolium - Slender Mountain Mint

    Pycnanthemum tenuifolium - Slender Mountain Mint

    150 seeds per pack. A lovely, wild mind, native to eastern North America. Short-growing perennial, to 2-3' / 1 m. Popularly grown as an ornamental and pollinator attractor, featuring abundant, white colored blooms. When...

  • Pycnanthemum virginianum - Mountain Mint

    Pycnanthemum virginianum - Mountain Mint

    150 seeds per pack. An attractive wild mint, native to the eastern United States. The fresh or dried leaves have a strong, minty aroma and can be used in potpourri. An herbaceous perennial, growing to 3' / 1m. This species...

  • Rosmarinus officinalis - Italian Rosemary

    Rosmarinus officinalis - Italian Rosemary

    25 seeds per pack. The famous rosemary spice, ever-popular for use in cooking. Plants are evergreen and can grow to 3ft. Slender, needle-like leaves are highly aromatic, with the characteristic sweet scent. This is a popular...

  • Rumex acetosa - Red Veined Sorrel

    Rumex acetosa - Red Veined Sorrel

    200 seeds per pack. A unique variety of sorrel featuring bright green leaves containing prominent maroon colored veins and stems. Flavor is quite good, with the typical tangy essence of classic sorrel. Makes for a pretty...

  • Salsola komarovii - Okahijiki, Land Seaweed

    Salsola komarovii - Okahijiki, Land Seaweed

    150 seeds per pack. An exotic herbal vegetable that is popular for use in Japanese cooking. Leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins and are used both at the young and mature stages when added to salads, sushi and steamed...

  • Salvia apiana - White Sage

    Salvia apiana - White Sage

    25 seeds per pack. A native sage to the southwestern United States, known for its densely hairy leaves that give the plant a furry white appearance. Grows to 2-3ft and is tolerant of a variety of poor conditions, including...

  • Salvia columbariae - California Chia

    Salvia columbariae - California Chia

    25 seeds per pack. Much less common than regular chia, but with seeds used much the same way. Native to California and portions of northern Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. Once an important food source for Native American tribes...

  • Salvia hispanica - Chia

    Salvia hispanica - Chia

    600 seeds per pack. Native Mexican Salvia known for its seeds, chia, which are soaked in water and used as a flavoring for juices. Seeds can also be used as edible sprouts, and can be ground into a meal that is used to make...

  • Salvia officinalis - Sage

    Salvia officinalis - Sage

    100 seeds per pack. The classic garden sage, used for centuries as a seasoning and spice. Highly aromatic leaves impart a wonderful flavor when cooked. Small annual or perennial grows to 18-30". #2802

  • Salvia sclarea - Clary Sage

    Salvia sclarea - Clary Sage

    25 seeds per pack. A small biennial or short lived perennial best known for its use in the perfume industry. Contains a highly aromatic essential oil with a spicy fragrance. Also sometimes used as a flavoring for wines and...

  • Saponaria officinalis - Soapwort

    Saponaria officinalis - Soapwort

    50 seeds per pack. Annual herb grown for its pretty white flowers and soap-like properties. All plant parts contain saponins and will suds in water. Soapwort also has medicinal applications, though care should be taken as...

  • Satureja hortensis - Summer Savory

    Satureja hortensis - Summer Savory

    2500 seeds per pack. A small annual, popular for use in various cuisine's, with leaves having a sage-like flavor. Part of the mint family, this type of savory is at home in pots or small spaces. Leaves can be used dried or...

  • Satureja montana - Winter Savory

    Satureja montana - Winter Savory

    100 seeds per pack. Similar to summer savory, but with a stronger flavor. Once a popular cooking and medicinal herb, it has become extremely rare in cultivation. A shrubby perennial, sometimes low growing, but occasionally...

  • Schisandra chinensis - Schisandra

    Schisandra chinensis - Schisandra

    10 seeds per pack. A frost hardy, woody vine, known for its berries which are used in traditional Chinese medicine. The vine makes a pretty ornamental when in fruit, with its bright red berries hanging in long clusters...

  • Sesamum indicum - Black Sesame

    Sesamum indicum - Black Sesame

    500 seeds per pack. The source of commercial Black Sesame, this native African plant is an easy to grow annual. Erect growth to 2-3ft and widely cultivated for its edible seeds which have numerous uses. #2107

  • Silene inflata - Stridolo

    Silene inflata - Stridolo

    100 seeds per pack. A common wildflower that is also considered an edible specialty green in some European countries. The young leaves are typically eaten in salads, or boiled and fried and used do make various cooked dishes...

  • Spilanthes acmella - Toothache Plant

    Spilanthes acmella - Toothache Plant

    100 seeds per pack. Pretty, flowering perennial native to India, often grown as an annual. The plant is chewed for its mild anesthetic properties, and as an anti-bacterial. Grows to 1-2ft, will grow in most climates as an...

  • Symphytum officinale - Comfrey

    Symphytum officinale - Comfrey

    10 seeds per pack. An important medicinal herb and a small perennial ornamental. Comfrey has a number of purported medicinal uses, generally topical, as the plant may be mildly poisonous to ingest. Grows to 2-3ft, with...

  • Tanacetum parthenium - Feverfew

    Tanacetum parthenium - Feverfew

    250 seeds per pack. Low-lying herbaceous plant with pretty, small, daisy-looking flowers. Often grown for its medicinal properties which include migraine relief, anti-inflammatory activity, and treatments for arthritis and...

  • Thymus fragrantissimus - Orange Scented Thyme

    Thymus fragrantissimus - Orange Scented Thyme

    25 seeds per pack. A compact and uniquely scented thyme with the aromatic smell of spiced oranges. It has pretty pink flowers and its creeping growth habit makes it great as a groundcover or for compact areas. Annual. #1380...

  • Thymus praecox - Mother of Thyme

    Thymus praecox - Mother of Thyme

    50 seeds per pack. A low-growing, wild thyme, with a creeping growth habit. Attractive as a ground cover, with highly scented foliage and pretty, pink flowers. The leaves have an oregano-like scent can be used much like...

  • Thymus pulegioides - Mother of Thyme

    Thymus pulegioides - Mother of Thyme

    50 seeds per pack. A broad-leaved thyme with an aromatic, lemony flavor and pink flowers during summer. The leaves are great in cooking and add a distinct and delightful flavor to foods. Low-growing, creeping growth habit...

  • Thymus vulgaris - French Thyme

    Thymus vulgaris - French Thyme

    250 seeds per pack. A very popular variety of garden thyme, it is distinct for its narrower, green/gray leaves, with a sweeter but less pungent flavor than standard English Thyme. Grow as a small annual or perennial, to...

  • Thymus vulgaris - Thyme

    Thymus vulgaris - Thyme

    1000 seeds per pack. One of the main culinary thyme's, it is a small annual or perennial, rarely growing higher than a few inches. Stems and foliage are strongly and pleasantly aromatic. Dried, they are extensively used as a...

  • Toona sinensis - Chinese Mahogany

    Toona sinensis - Chinese Mahogany

    25 seeds per pack. A very unique and edible tree. The young leaves and sprouts are eaten as a vegetable and are very popular in certain types of Chinese cuisine. As a tree, it is a valued as a frost-hardy ornamental and has...

  • Trigonella foenum-graecum - Fenugreek

    Trigonella foenum-graecum - Fenugreek

    200 seeds per pack. Versatile annual grown for its seeds which have wide uses. Eaten raw or sprouted, the seeds have a spicy flavor and are also commonly used as a flavoring and in curries. All parts of the plant have...

  • Valeriana officinalis - Valerian

    Valeriana officinalis - Valerian

    100 seeds per pack. An important herb of ancient history, Valerian has a number of popular uses today, most prominently as a sleep-aid and anxiety-reducer. Valerian is a medium-growing hardy perennial that can survive to...


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