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Medicinal herb seeds from around the world.

  • Levisticum officinalis - Lovage

    Levisticum officinalis - Lovage

    100 seeds per pack. A hardy medicinal and edible perennial growing to 4-8ft.Very easily grown, the leaves can be eaten and used to flavor soups. The seeds are used in breads, and the roots have a number of medicinal...

  • Malva sylvestris - Zebra Mallow

    Malva sylvestris - Zebra Mallow

    25 seeds per pack. An heirloom favorite bearing striped, purple-lavender flowers in much abundance. It is a short-lived perennial or annual but often reseeds. Has a long blooming season and is popular with butterflies. Hardy...

  • Marrubium vulgare - White Horehound

    Marrubium vulgare - White Horehound

    100 seeds per pack. An herbaceous perennial plant that is part of the mint family. White Horehound has a number of edible and medicinal uses, but is best known as an ingredient in several cough drops and candies. Will grow...

  • Matricaria recutita - German Chamomile

    Matricaria recutita - German Chamomile

    1000 seeds per pack. A well known annual, renowned for its medicinal uses and ornamental beauty. The small ground-covering growth habit can reach 2ft, with bright, white-petaled flowers. The flowers are popularly used dried,...

  • Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm

    Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm

    250 seeds per pack. Similar to the mints, this highly aromatic perennial is often confused with Lemon Bee Balm. The leaves smell strongly of lemon and can be used as flavorings for a variety of foods. They are also popular...

  • Mentha spicata - Spearmint

    Mentha spicata - Spearmint

    150 seeds per pack. A low-lying rhizomal perennial widely known for its highly aromatic leaves that yield the classic flavor of spearmint. Very easily grown. Plant has a trailing habit to 6". Leaves can be used as flavoring,...

  • Mentha x - Peppermint

    Mentha x - Peppermint

    150 seeds per pack. A highly popular, low-lying, spreading plant with strongly aromatic leaves. The fragrant leaves have an intense smell and flavor of peppermint. Leaves can be used in teas, flavorings and various beverages...

  • Monarda citriodora - Lemon Bee Balm

    Monarda citriodora - Lemon Bee Balm

    1000 seeds per pack. A small, spreading perennial or annual with a pleasant lemon scent to its leaves. Very easy to grow, Lemon Bee Balm is often used to flavor teas or to scent potpourri's. Freeze hardy, can be grown...

  • Monarda fistulosa - Bergamot, Wild

    Monarda fistulosa - Bergamot, Wild

    250 seeds per pack. A hardy perennial grown both as an ornamental and for its medicinal, edible uses. The leaves are strongly scented and contain the natural source of the antiseptic thymol, a primary mouthwash ingredient...

  • Monarda punctata - Spotted Bee Balm

    Monarda punctata - Spotted Bee Balm

    100 seeds per pack. A lesser known bee balm, having yellow-purple spotted flower bracts in rosettes. The bracts retain their color for long periods, even after the flower portion has died back. Leaves emit an aroma that is...

  • Nasturtium officinale - Watercress

    Nasturtium officinale - Watercress

    250 seeds per pack. A tasty salad green and filled with vitamins too! Low growing annual to a few inches high. Leaves are harvested for fresh use and don't last long when cut. Provide ample water. Plants contain significant...

  • Nepeta cataria - Catnip

    Nepeta cataria - Catnip

    500 seeds per pack. Small, bushy plant known for its euphoric effect on cats. Catnip is part of the mint family and has a mild, minty flavor and smell. In humans it acts as a mild sedative. Plants grow to 2-3' and are very...

  • Nepeta tenuifolia - Japanese Catnip

    250 seeds per pack. a.k.a Jing Jie. A traditional herb, used in Chinese medicine and related to catnip. It is a low growing annual, up to around 12" / 0.3 m. Like other mint family relatives, all parts of the plant are...

  • Ocimum americanum - Basil, Lemon

    Ocimum americanum - Basil, Lemon

    400 seeds per pack. An African-native basil (despite the scientific name) with lemon-basil scented and flavored leaves. Flowers are whitish lavender. Adds a nice subtle, citrusy flavor to any dish. Basil is an important...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Amethyst Improved Basil

    Ocimum basilicum - Amethyst Improved Basil

    100 seeds per pack. This one's a showstopper! Probably the darkest leafed basil available today, the large leaves feature a deep purple, glistening color that reminds of beautiful amethyst. Mature leaves are curled down,...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Anise

    Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Anise

    400 seeds per pack. An uncommon garden basil with leaves accented with an anise scent and flavor. A unique flavor in an old favorite spice. Use as a seasoning or in teas. Foliage also adds scent to the garden. Annual. Grows...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Cinnamon

    Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Cinnamon

    300 seeds per pack. A fun garden basil having red-purple stalks with dark green leaves. Flowers are a pretty pink. Cinnamon Basil has a nice spicy flavor mixed into the typical basil taste, making it perfect to add that...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Dwarf Greek

    Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Dwarf Greek

    300 seeds per pack. A miniature basil growing to 10", with small leaves that have the characteristic, popular basil flavor. Wonderful for a variety of culinary uses and the plant is great for compact spaces or containers...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Lettuce Leaf

    Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Lettuce Leaf

    1000 seeds per pack. A large-leafed basil with wrinkled, lettuce-like leaves. This variety is a famous heirloom, prized for its classic basil aroma and flavor, along with its large leaves that are perfect for cooking. Grows...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Licorice

    Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Licorice

    400 seeds per pack. An uncommon basil with a rich licorice-anise like aroma mixed with classic basil. The leaves provide a unique flavor to cooked foods. Grows to 1-2ft. Highly aromatic leaves. Easy to grow. Annual. #1396...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Purple Dark Opal

    Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Purple Dark Opal

    250 seeds per pack. A great garden basil with an amazing dark purple color. The whole plant is dark purple, from leaves to stems, and lilac-purple flowers. Basil is an important spice and is used as a common flavoring to...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Red Rubin

    Ocimum basilicum - Basil, Red Rubin

    250 seeds per pack. Derived from Purple Opal Basil, this edible beauty is best-known for its deep purple-red leaves. The flavor is quite good and stronger than many typical basils. High aromatic. Grows to 18". Easy to grow...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Genovese Basil

    Ocimum basilicum - Genovese Basil

    800 seeds per pack. A very popular basil variety, having a lot of similarities to Italian Large Leaf. Mature plants have an intense, classic basil flavor along with large, rounded leaves. Grows to 18-24". #2899

  • Ocimum basilicum - Thai Basil, Large Sweet

    Ocimum basilicum - Thai Basil, Large Sweet

    500 seeds per pack. A larger-leafed variant of Thai basil. Grows to 2 feet and does particularly well in warmer, tropical climates. Strong aroma, with anise-like flavor mixed with basil. #3812 Annual. Currently on sale...

  • Ocimum kilimandscharicum - Camphor Basil

    Ocimum kilimandscharicum - Camphor Basil

    100 seeds per pack. An exotic and uncommon basil native to East Africa. Leaves are gray-green in color with a strong and delightful fragrance of camphor mixed with basil. Leaves are traditionally used as a tea and for some...

  • Ocimum micranthum - Peruvian Basil

    Ocimum micranthum - Peruvian Basil

    100 seeds per pack. An odd basil from Peru, traditionally used in cooking there. Leaves are unlike common basil, with a unique smell that has resulted in a number of medicinal uses. Short growth to 12-18". #2852

  • Ocimum minimum - Basil, Globe

    Ocimum minimum - Basil, Globe

    250 seeds per pack. A great basil that has a mild flavor compared with other basils, making it the perfect addition to a salad or other dish where you need a subtler taste. This type has a bushy habit. Highly aromatic leaves...

  • Ocimum sanctum - Basil, Holy

    Ocimum sanctum - Basil, Holy

    500 seeds per pack. A famous member of the basil family known for its religious importance in several Hindu rituals as well as its medicinal use in Ayuvedic medicine. For edible uses, this small perennial or annual has...

  • Ocimum sanctum - Basil, Holy Purple and Green

    Ocimum sanctum - Basil, Holy Purple and Green

    500 seeds per pack. A unique strain of the fabled Holy Basil, featuring purple stems and red and green leaves. Plants provide an interesting color variation and are quite ornamental. Particularly nice for pots and small...

  • Ocimum selloi - Green Pepper Basil

    Ocimum selloi - Green Pepper Basil

    75 seeds per pack. An exotic and unique basil, with leaves having the scent and flavor of green bell peppers. Makes for an interesting addition to any dish that calls for a bell pepper flavor. Short growing, similar habit to...

  • Origanum majorana - Marjoram

    Origanum majorana - Marjoram

    500 seeds per pack. A small, annual or perennial herb, best-known for its aromatic leaves which have a variety of edible uses. Leaves have a pleasant oregano-like smell and flavor and are used in popular spice mixes. Plant...

  • Origanum syriaca - Zaatar

    Origanum syriaca - Zaatar

    20 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Syrian Oregano, Sweet Marjoram. A popular spice in Middle Eastern cooking, Zaatar has a complex, aromatic flavor and a distinctive scent. Combining the flavors of thyme, marjoram and oregano, the...

  • Origanum vulgare - Oregano

    Origanum vulgare - Oregano

    250 seeds per pack. A small and well-known perennial with highly aromatic leaves that are a staple in many types of cooking. Leaves are usually dried and used for seasoning and flavoring. The small plants grow to 12-18" and...

  • Origanum vulgare - Oregano, Greek

    Origanum vulgare - Oregano, Greek

    250 seeds per pack. An intensely flavored oregano from the Mediterranean region. Formerly listed as its own species, but now recognized as a variety of common oregano. Perennial, low growing up to 6". Leaves have a strong...

  • Peganum harmala - Syrian Rue

    Peganum harmala - Syrian Rue

    50 seeds per pack. A very low-lying perennial native to the Mediterranean region. Syrian Rue has numerous uses, but is best known for its seeds, which are used as a condiment spice. Both the fruit and seeds also have a...

  • Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Green

    Perilla frutescens - Shiso, Green

    200 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the green-leafed variety. This interesting and useful Asian herb has been popularized in Japan as a spice, used much like basil. Leaves are often added to salads or used as flavoring for...



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