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  • Acmena smithii - Lilly Pilly

    Acmena smithii - Lilly Pilly

    5 seeds per pack. Beautiful subtropical tree that is excellent for pot culture. Produces puffs of flowers followed by small pink-purple fruit that can be eaten raw or used for preserves. Trees make for excellent fruiting...

  • Actinidia arguta x melandra - Red Hardy Kiwi

    Actinidia arguta x melandra - Red Hardy Kiwi

    15 seeds per pack. Seeds are from mixed red hardy kiwi varieties. Similar to the green hardy kiwi, but produces red skinned and red-pink fleshed fruits with a delicious sweet-acid taste. Excellent for bite sized eating...

  • Actinidia chinensis - Golden Kiwi

    Actinidia chinensis - Golden Kiwi

    25 seeds per pack. Very similar to the common kiwi in both growth and appearance. Flesh color is golden, flavor is excellent, less acidic and sweeter than the kiwi. Vining plant, fast-growing, hardy to around 10F. Both male...

  • Actinidia deliciosa - Double Kiwi

    Actinidia deliciosa - Double Kiwi

    30 seeds per pack. A strange variety of the common kiwi, this particular vine produces "double" fruits, looking like two normal kiwi fruits connected together. Flavor is great, like the usual kiwis, and plant care is the...

  • Actinidia polygama - Silver Vine Kiwi

    Actinidia polygama - Silver Vine Kiwi

    10 seeds per pack. A less common, edible kiwi, native to parts of Japan and China. Bears yellow, egg-shaped, edible fruits with a nice, acidic flavor. The fruits, while still mostly unknown, are finding growing interest as a...

  • Adansonia madagascarensis - Baobab

    Adansonia madagascarensis - Baobab

    5 seeds per pack. One of the six baobabs of Madagascar and a lesser known species. A desired ornamental for its expansive, bottle shaped trunk. Has large flowers that open at night, followed by (possibly edible) fruits. Very...

  • Adansonia za - Za Baobab

    Adansonia za - Za Baobab

    5 seeds per pack. A common baobab of Madagascar. A desired ornamental for its expansive, bottle shaped trunk. Has large, orange flowers that open at night, followed by (possibly edible) fruits. Very drought tolerant. Hardy...

  • Aframomum angustifolium - Madagascar Pepper

    10 seeds per pack. An interesting edible ginger, native to much of tropical Africa as well as Madagascar. Bears red, edible fruits said to have a tangy, juicy pulp. The seeds can be used as a spice, with some similarities to...

  • Aframomum melegueta - Melegueta Pepper

    Aframomum melegueta - Melegueta Pepper

    10 seeds per pack. A popular spice throughout West Africa, the ground seeds have a citrus-peppery flavor. They are used in a wide variety of foods and drinks, and occasionally as a substitute for black pepper. It is an...

  • Aiphanes minima - Macaw Palm

    Aiphanes minima - Macaw Palm

    5 seeds per pack. A spiny palm tree bearing red colored fruits with an edible seed that is kind of like a mini coconut. Despite its spines, the tree is quite popular as an ornamental in tropical regions. Native to the...

  • Alibertia edulis - Marmelada

    4 seeds per pack. An uncommon tree native to the Amazon region, bearing greenish, pomegranate-like fruits. The fruits have black pulp, having a marmelade or quince-like flavor. Small tree to 10-15ft. Unknown frost hardiness...

  • Alibertia patinoi - Borojo

    Alibertia patinoi - Borojo

    7 seeds per pack. A Colombian native fruit that can grow to the size of a large orange. The nutritious pulp is used locally in the production of juices, candies, wine, and various flavorings. It has some traditional alleged...

  • Alpinia galanga - Thai Galangal

    5 seeds per pack. One of four species providing the source for galangal root, a popular ingredient in a number Asian cuisines. It is a type of ginger, growing to a few feet, with long leaves and the aromatic rhizomes used in...

  • Alpinia oxymitra - Alpinia oxymitra

    5 seeds per pack. A lesser known ginger, with sweet, edible fruits and young shoots. The tender shoots can be eaten as a vegetable. Native to tropical southeast Asia. Fairly low-growing, understory plant, with typical...

  • Amomum anomalum - Purple Fruited Cardamom

    5 seeds per pack. A rare ginger growing up to 15 feet tall. Bears purple-black, edible fruits that are said to have a delicious, sweet flavor. Native to Borneo. Not frost hardy. #3060 Hardy to zone 9b (25 - 30F)Out of stock...

  • Amomum uliginosum - Amomum uliginosum

    5 seeds per pack. A lesser known ginger, native to Southeast Asia. Bears edible fruits with strongly aromatic seeds, which can be used for flavoring. Will grow to 5-10 ft / 3 m, with underground rhizomes and ornate,...

  • Amomyrtus meli - Meli

    Amomyrtus meli - Meli

    4 seeds per pack. An interesting, shrubby tree native to portions of Chile. Bears small, purple-black ripening fruits that are similar to the Chilean Guava or Luma. The fruits are aromatic and are said to be edible. The tree...

  • Anacardium excelsum - Wild Cashew

    2 seeds per pack. A wild cashew species, native to the South American rainforests. Bears fruits that have a number of similarities to the common cashew, with nuts that are edible when roasted. It is a close relative of...

  • Anacardium microcarpum - Cashew

    1 seed per pack. A rare relative of the cashew, with similar but smaller "fruits" (drupes). Also bears nuts, which are much like the standard cashew. Small to medium sized tree. Not frost hardy. A difficult to find species...

  • Anacardium occidentale - Red Cashew Apple

    Anacardium occidentale - Red Cashew Apple

    2 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the red fruited type. This is the cashew nut of commerce. Trees bear cashew apples, a sweet, edible "fruit" often used to flavor beverages, with the hard-shelled cashew nut attached. The nuts...

  • Annona amazonica - Amazon Custard Apple

    1 seed per pack. A very rare custard apple-cherimoya relative from the South American rain forests. Fruits are somewhat cherimoya-like, small and with edible flesh. Little info is known about climate and growing requirements...

  • Annona cacans - Araticum Cagao

    1 seed per pack. A sugar apple relative from Brazil, with medium sized, edible fruits. Fruits are sometimes used in the flavoring of beverages and have an overall appearance somewhat resembling a cherimoya. Medium sized tree...

  • Annona cherimola - Bays Cherimoya

    Annona cherimola - Bays Cherimoya

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the Bays variety. The Bays cherimoya bears medium sized fruits with very fruity and zesty flavored pulp. Small to medium sized subtropical tree. Will stand minor frost. Note that seeds do not...

  • Annona cherimola - El Bumpo Cherimoya

    Annona cherimola - El Bumpo Cherimoya

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the El Bumpo variety. Bears large fruits to 1-2 pounds, with very soft, creamy flesh and thin skin. The variety is notable for its bumpy skin, reminiscent of an atemoya. Fruits have an...

  • Annona cherimola - McPherson Cherimoya

    Annona cherimola - McPherson Cherimoya

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the McPherson variety. The McPherson cherimoya bears medium to large fruits with sweet, richly flavored pulp. One of the best varieties. Small to medium sized subtropical tree. Will stand...

  • Annona cherimola - Selma Cherimoya

    Annona cherimola - Selma Cherimoya

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the extremely rare Selma variety. Selma is known for being one of the only cherimoya's with touches of pink and red in its skin and flesh. Fruits are medium sized, mostly creamy colored, with...

  • Annona cherimola - White Cherimoya

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are from the White (or Dr. White) variety. A popular commercial variety, bearing fruits that tend to have smoother skin, with a custardy mango-papaya flavor. Small to medium sized subtropical tree...

  • Annona cherimola x squamosa - Atemoya (pre-germinated)

    Annona cherimola x squamosa - Atemoya (pre-germinated)

    1 seed per pack. Seed is pre-germinated and beginning to sprout. Cross between the cherimoya and the sugar apple. Fruit is about the size of a sugar apple with a wonderful custard-fruit flavor different than that of both the...

  • Annona cherimolioides - Annona cherimolioides

    1 seed per pack. A rare, cloud forest Annona with oval, orange-brown colored fruits. The interesting fruits may be edible, though little information is available. It naturally grows in cooler, mid-elevation areas in the...

  • Annona conica - Annona conica

    2 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Raimondia conica. A rare Annona bearing long fruits that look somewhat like a fleshy pine cone. Fruits are edible, with soft, white flesh. Small tree to 5 m. Native to Ecuador. Probably not frost...

  • Annona coriacea - Marsh Sugar Apple

    1 seed per pack. A rare Annona from the Brazilian Cerrado's, bearing small to medium sized fruits that look a bit like sugar apples. The fruits have edible white flesh. This species is extremely scarce in cultivation. Small...

  • Annona crassiflora - Marolo

    Annona crassiflora - Marolo

    1 seed per pack. A rare Annona from Brazil bearing large fruits that can weigh up to several pounds. The fruits have a general cherimoya-custard apple like appearance, but their flavor is quite unique and considered a...

  • Annona diversifolia - Ilama

    Annona diversifolia - Ilama

    1 seed per pack. a.k.a. Annona rosada. An interesting Central American Annona, with fairly large fruits that roughly resemble a red-tinged cherimoya. The fruits generally blush red, though not as heavily as the custard apple...

  • Annona edulis - Annona edulis

    3 seeds per pack. An ultra-rare sugar apple/Annona relative from South America. Bears small fruits that ripen to yellow-green, with white, edible flesh. Small tree, probably tropical with unknown hardiness. This species is...

  • Annona glabra - Pond Apple

    Annona glabra - Pond Apple

    6 seeds per pack. A commonly found Annona fruit in wet swampy areas. Flavor is a bit more bland than that of its commercially grown cousins, but fruits are edible and have their admirers. Trees are tropical to subtropical,...

  • Annona hayesii - Wild Cherimoya

    1 seed per pack. A rare, wild Annona from the Panamanian jungle. Little information is available about this species, but it appears to produce small to medium sized green-white fruits. Unknown quality. Unknown cultivation...


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