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  • Pseudocydonia sinensis - Chinese Quince

    10 seeds per pack. A shrubby, deciduous tree native to China and closely related to the Quince. Bears apple-sized, yellow fruits that are similar to the regular quince. The fruits have a strong, pleasant, sweet smell and can...

  • Puya chilensis - Sapphire Tower

    Puya chilensis - Sapphire Tower

    10 seeds per pack. Strange bromeliad with several foot long flower spikes having gorgeous electric sapphire-blue colored flowers. Adapted to dry, cooler climates, hardy to 25F. This species is closely related to the sapphire...

  • Puya coerulea - Chagual

    25 seeds per pack. Silver-fronded bromeliad with stunning 2-4ft flower stalks blooming bright blue flowers. This species grows well in warm and cool climates, and is hardy to the low to mid 20's (F). Needs little water. #855...

  • Puya coerulea violacea - Black Sapphire Tower

    Puya coerulea violacea - Black Sapphire Tower

    25 seeds per pack. Another unknown Puya species, this one closely related to P. alpestris. Flowers are born on large 3-4ft stalks, and are a bold black-sapphire color. Foliage is sliver-grey. Hardy to the mid 20's (F)...

  • Puya ferruginea - Bolivian Puya

    Puya ferruginea - Bolivian Puya

    15-25 seeds per pack. A puya bromeliad from Bolivia and Ecuador. Has low growing, spiky and spiny foliage. The flowers are large as compared with the foliage, white, tubular, and borne on narrow spikes. Grows well in poor...

  • Puya laxa -

    Puya laxa -

    15-30 seeds per pack. A clumping Puya featuring colorful flowers. Related to the sapphire tower, this Puya features trailing inflorescences with bright, aquamarine colored flowers. Flowers bloom during warm months. Plant...

  • Puya micrantha -

    Puya micrantha -

    25 seeds per pack. A bromeliad and part of the sapphire tower group of plants. The plant sprouts a large flower spike to a foot or two, notable for its pink color and dark, almost black colored flowers. Foliage is light...

  • Puya raimondii - Queen of the Andes

    Puya raimondii - Queen of the Andes

    10 seeds per pack. Easily the most spectacular of the Puya bromeliads, the gigantic Queen of the Andes is still rare in cultivation. The plant itself is a large bromeliad growing up to 5-10 feet tall, with long, spiky leaves...

  • Quercus suber - Cork Bark Tree

    Quercus suber - Cork Bark Tree

    2 seeds per pack. Large oak tree, the commercial source of cork. The fruits are also edible, and can be ground down or roasted and eaten. The beautiful bark which covers the tree is the cork wood. Hardy to the low 20's,...

  • Quillaja saponaria - Soapbark Tree

    Quillaja saponaria - Soapbark Tree

    10 seeds per pack. Native to Chile, medium sized tree with attractive form. Leaves and bark are used for numerous medicinal purposes, from respiratory problems, to dandruff, to treatment of several diseases. Bark contains...

  • Rhododendron x - Orange-Yellow Rhododendron

    Rhododendron x - Orange-Yellow Rhododendron

    10 seeds per pack. A Vireya Rhododendron hybrid featuring stunning orange-yellow-salmon colored flowers. Small, shrubby tree or bush to 4-10 feet. Does well in cooler, subtropical climates with minimal frost. #3305 Out of...

  • Ribes fasciculatum - Fragrant Currant

    Ribes fasciculatum - Fragrant Currant

    10 seeds per pack. Small, edible, red-fruited currant of average quality. Plant is also notable for its highly fragrant flowers. Hardy to -20F. Small shrub to 3-5ft. #323 Out of stock. Last available: 11/25/2016 -...

  • Ribes sativum - White Currant

    Ribes sativum - White Currant

    25 seeds per pack. Fine flavored, translucent-white colored berry best known for its use in desserts, jams, and jellies. The white currant grows on a small bush, best adapted to cool and cold climates as plants need winter...

  • Ribes triste - Swamp Red Currant

    Ribes triste - Swamp Red Currant

    10 seeds per pack. Bushy shrub to 6-12ft, bearing edible, red, currant berries with a tart flavor. Often used in pies. This currant grows fairly well in warmer subtropical areas, but is also extremely hardy, surviving...

  • Romneya coulteri - Matilija Poppy

    Romneya coulteri - Matilija Poppy

    25 seeds per pack. A beautiful poppy native to California and appreciated both for its stunning white flowers and its tolerance of extreme conditions. Grows to 6-8ft, with large white petaled flowers that can reach many...

  • Rosa arvensis - Shakespeare's Musk Rose

    A trailing or vining musk rose, popular for use in some garden hybrids. Has pretty, white flowers followed by medium sized rose hips. Very hardy. #2104 Out of stock. Last available: 2008

  • Rosa glauca - Red Leaf Rose

    Rosa glauca - Red Leaf Rose

    15-20 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Ruosa rubrifolia. An attractive ornamental rose, both for its flowers but also for its red-copper tinted foliage. Also features delicate, 1-2", pink/rose colored flowers. Shrubby growth up to...

  • Rosa pimpinellifolia - Scotch Rose

    15-30 seeds per pack. Native to Western Europe, this creamy white colored rose is popular as a hardy ornamental. At home in coastal locations, this short deciduous plant generally reaches only 1-2ft. Cream-white flowers...

  • Rosa rugosa - Pink Rugosa Rose

    Rosa rugosa - Pink Rugosa Rose

    10-20 seeds per pack. Large, pink-flowered rose native to China bearing 1/2-1", bright red fruits, the rose hips. Fruits are edible and extremely high in vitamin C. Shrubby bush, hardy to at least 0F. #340 Out of stock. Last...

  • Rosa rugosa - Red Rugosa Rose

    Rosa rugosa - Red Rugosa Rose

    10 seeds per pack. Large, dark red-flowered rose native to China bearing 1/2-1", bright red fruits, the rose hips. Fruits are edible and extremely high in vitamin C. Shrubby bush, hardy to at least 0F. #397 Hardy to at least...

  • Rubus idaeus - Golden Raspberry

    Rubus idaeus - Golden Raspberry

    50 seeds per pack. Beautiful gold colored raspberry having high-quality, sweet raspberry flavor. Plants are hardy to freezes. Small, bushy plant to 1-2ft. #322 Out of stock. Last available: 5/29/2015 - 9/13/2015

  • Rubus idaeus - Orange Raspberry

    Rubus idaeus - Orange Raspberry

    40 seeds per pack. Bright orange colored raspberry having high-quality, sweet raspberry flavor. Plants are hardy to freezes. Small, bushy plant to 1-2ft. #378 Out of stock. Last available: 6/11/2014 - 8/4/2014

  • Rubus leucodermis - Blue Raspberry

    25 seeds per pack. Similar in appearance to the black raspberry, this North American native bears deep purple-black colored raspberry fruits. The fruits are edible and this species is the source of the commercial blue...

  • Rubus parviflorus - Thimbleberry

    Rubus parviflorus - Thimbleberry

    25 seeds per pack. A tasty raspberry relative native to North America. Bears small fruits that resemble a large raspberry. Fruits have a nice, sweet flavor but are rarely grown commercially because they don't store well...

  • Rubus spectabilis - Salmonberry

    Rubus spectabilis - Salmonberry

    10 seeds per pack. A blackberry and raspberry relative native to the Pacific coast of North America. Bears red-orange fruits similar in appearance to the raspberry. Fruits can be eaten raw but are also used in preserves,...

  • Rubus ursinus - Blackberry

    Rubus ursinus - Blackberry

    50 seeds per pack. Delicious blackberry species native to western North America. Berries are extremely juicy, sweet, with a dark black skin and full flavor. Grows on a vining bramble, hardy to about -15F. #396 Hardy to at...

  • Rubus ursinus - Marionberry

    Rubus ursinus - Marionberry

    75-100 seeds per pack. A variety of blackberry having generally conical fruits with a tart but sweet flavor. Flavor tends to be a bit sweeter than other common blackberries. This variety is heavily commercially grown in the...

  • Rubus x - Boysenberry

    Rubus x - Boysenberry

    40-80 seeds per pack. A very tasty berry that probably originated as a cross between a blackberry and raspberry. Fruits are sweet, large, and similar in appearance to the blackberry, though usually lighter. Vining plant,...

  • Rubus x - Olallieberry

    Rubus x - Olallieberry

    50 seeds per pack. Blackberry relative known for its sweet, juicy, black-colored berries. Plants are hardy to freezes, and should survive to 10-15F. Bushy vining growth habit. #342 Hardy to at least zone 6 (-10 - 0F).Out of...

  • Rubus x loganobaccus - Loganberry

    Rubus x loganobaccus - Loganberry

    30 seeds per pack. A delicious berry and a hybrid of the common blackberry and the raspberry. The fruits look a bit like blackberries, but with deep red colored skin. They have a wonderful sour-sweet flavor that lends well...

  • Sabal blackburniana - Hispanola Palmetto

    8 seeds per pack. A lesser known and taxonomically confusing palmetto. Short growth to 6-15 feet. Has large and attractive fan-shaped leaves. Hardy to 26-28F. Pretty coloration, with blue-green foliage. From the Caribbean...

  • Salvia argentea - Silver Sage

    Salvia argentea - Silver Sage

    10 seeds per pack. One of the prettiest ornamental sages, recognizable for its large, silver, velvety leaves. The leaves are soft and fuzzy to the touch! Also bears attractive white to purple flowers on long stems. Grows to...

  • Salvia mellifera - Black Sage

    Salvia mellifera - Black Sage

    25 seeds per pack. A native sage of Central California through Baja. It is an evergreen, growing up to three feet showing decent freeze hardiness. Plants are highly aromatic and are popular with butterflies and some birds...

  • Salvia miltiorrhiza - Red Sage

    Salvia miltiorrhiza - Red Sage

    100-150 seeds per pack. A medicinal sage native to China and Japan. Best-known for its bright red taproot which has a number of uses in traditional Chinese medicine. A short perennial to a few feet, it also features...

  • Santalum album - White Sandalwood

    10-15 seeds per pack. An arid tropical, semi-parasitic tree that is well known as the source of commercial sandalwood. The beautiful heartwood is highly aromatic and its distinctive and luminous aroma is used extensively in...

  • Sarracenia alata - Pale Pitcher Plant

    Sarracenia alata - Pale Pitcher Plant

    10 seeds per pack. A carnivorous Sarracenia native to the Southern United States, this species is fairly similar to its close relative, S. rubra. The pitchers are tall and erect, with a pale yellow color, though local...


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