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  • Abies procera - Noble Fir

    Abies procera - Noble Fir

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Christmas Tree. A beautiful, evergreen conifer, most popularly known for its use as a Christmas tree (one of several species used). Native to the coastal mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Tall and...

  • Acacia koa - Koa

    Acacia koa - Koa

    4 seeds per pack. The famous, native Hawaiian tree world-renowned for its beautiful hardwood used in furniture, woodworking, and much more. Will stand light frosts to at least 32F. Grows to 40 feet+ in its very small, native...

  • Acacia podalyrifolia - Pearl Acacia

    Acacia podalyrifolia - Pearl Acacia

    20 seeds per pack. Small to medium sized tree known for its silvery pearl colored foliage and fruits. Flowers are yellow, ornamental, and similar to many other Acacia's. Hardy to the low 20's, drought tolerant. Invasive in...

  • Acer macrophyllum - Bigleaf Maple

    Acer macrophyllum - Bigleaf Maple

    5 seeds per pack. A medium to large sized maple, known for its huge leaves---the biggest of any maple---which can reach up to a foot across. Also popular for its bright, canary yellow colored fall foliage. Native to the...

  • Acoelorrhaphe wrightii - Everglades Palm

    Acoelorrhaphe wrightii - Everglades Palm

    10 seeds per pack. A clumping palm, native to the Everglades region of South Florida, as well as Caribbean islands. Multi-stemmed, with slender trunks up to 20-30 feet. The stem side of the large leaves has orange tinted...

  • Adenanthera pavonina - Red Sandalwood

    Adenanthera pavonina - Red Sandalwood

    10 seeds per pack. Medium sized tree to 40ft. The Red Sandalwood is known for its pretty reddish heartwood, used in woodworking. In season, the tree also produces long pods which open to expose bright red seeds. The seeds...

  • Adenium obesum - Desert Rose, mixed

    Adenium obesum - Desert Rose, mixed

    10 seeds per pack. Seeds are from mixed, multiple flower color varieties, including red, white, yellow, black, and shades in between. A very popular container plant, known for its other worldly foliage and its gorgeous...

  • Agapanthus africanus - Lily of the Nile

    Agapanthus africanus - Lily of the Nile

    15 seeds per pack. A pretty ornamental with huge multi-flowered blooms that are a bright sky-blue. Reasonably hardy, will survive frosts. A popular ornamental, they are great in areas with lots of water. #1061

  • Agave guadalajarana - Guadalajara Agave

    Agave guadalajarana - Guadalajara Agave

    5 seeds per pack. A rare agave native to only a small area around Guadalajara, Mexico. Features pretty, blue-gray leaves in a rosette pattern. Medium growing in size, up to 2-3 feet wide. Shows good drought tolerance and...

  • Agave horrida - Mexcalmetl

    Agave horrida - Mexcalmetl

    15 seeds per pack. A pretty and spiny agave with compact rosettes of gray green leaves. This is species is popular as an ornamental and also as the source of a type of mescal liquor. Grows to 12-18". Hardy to light frosts...

  • Agonis flexuosa - Peppermint Tree

    Agonis flexuosa - Peppermint Tree

    30 seeds per pack. A shrubby tree up to about 15-35 feet. Recognizable for its peppermint aroma, given off from crushed leaves. Also has an attractive, willow-like leaves and canopy. Popular as a street tree in mild winter...

  • Allium canadense - Wild Garlic

    Allium canadense - Wild Garlic

    10 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Meadow Garlic. A wild onion native to much of North America. Bears small, edible bulbs covered with fibers, having an onion-like odor and flavor. Has showy, spiked inflorescenes with white-purple...

  • Allium stellatum - Prairie Onion

    Allium stellatum - Prairie Onion

    100 seeds per pack. A wild onion, with strongly flavored and edible bulbs. Native to much of the midwestern United States, north into Canada. Shows typical onion growth, to 30-60 cm / 1-2 ft. Perennial, can be grown in most...

  • Aloe camperi - Nubian Aloe

    Aloe camperi - Nubian Aloe

    15 seeds per pack. Bushy succulent aloe with bright orange flowers. Ornamental foliage, sprawling growth habit. Highly drought tolerant, hardy to about 28F. From Ethiopia. #1015 Out of stock. Last available: 10/6/2016 -...

  • Aloe dawei - Aloe dawei

    Aloe dawei - Aloe dawei

    15 seeds per pack. Bushy succulent aloe with bright red-orange flowers. The foliage is also ornamental, having a burnt red color. Highly drought tolerant, hardy to the 30's (F). #1014 Out of stock. Last available: 2/14/2015...

  • Aloe dorotheae - Sunset Aloe

    Aloe dorotheae - Sunset Aloe

    5 seeds per pack. A wonderfully ornamental, red-leafed aloe. Very low growing, usually only to 9-12". Can form some suckers and spread to 1-2 feet. Leaves are shiny and firm, with spikes along their edge. One of the most...

  • Aloe ferox - Cape Aloe

    Aloe ferox - Cape Aloe

    15 seeds per pack. A popular aloe and a medicinal companion to Aloe vera. Plants grow to 5-10 feet and feature large, brightly red colored flowers bracts. Plants are drought tolerant and grow fairly well in poorer soils. Gel...

  • Aloe polyphylla - Spiral Aloe

    5 seeds per pack. An ultra-rare aloe, prized for its hypnotic, spirally arranged leaves. Native to only a few small areas in southern Africa. Adapted to warm and dry climates, but it grows particularly well in cool or...

  • Aloe saponaria - Soap Aloe

    Aloe saponaria - Soap Aloe

    15 seeds per pack. A popular landscape ornamental aloe with large, colorful, spotted and striped succulent leaves. The sap can be used as a soap substitute, (but is an irritant to the touch). Salt, drought and heat tolerant...

  • Aloe tomentosa - Aloe

    Aloe tomentosa - Aloe

    10 seeds per pack. Hardy aloe with red tipped, spiky leaves. Hardy to the 20's (F). Also tolerates very high temperatures. #802 Out of stock. Last available: 9/6/2017 - 3/30/2018

  • Alpinia arctiflora - Pleated Ginger

    6 seeds per pack. An uncommon ginger native to the rainforests of northern Australia. Has beautiful foliage, with long, slender leaves. Grows to 4-6 ft. Grows best in frost-free climates, though hardiness is not known. #2551...

  • Alpinia caerulea - Blue Fruited Ginger

    Alpinia caerulea - Blue Fruited Ginger

    5 seeds per pack. Blue-fruited ornamental and edible ginger. Ornamental ginger flowers are followed by small blue fruits, which are allegedly edible and have a lemon-like flavor. Hardy to the upper 20's. #826 View plant...

  • Alpinia katsumadai - Katsumadai Ginger

    Alpinia katsumadai - Katsumadai Ginger

    8 seeds per pack. A lovely ornamental ginger, similar to Shell Ginger - Alpinia zerumbet. Has multi-colored flowers and large leaves with a tropical look. Unlike Shell Ginger, this species has standing (rather than drooping)...

  • Alpinia nutans - Cinnamon Ginger

    10 seeds per pack. An ornamental ginger, popular for its long, spreading leaves and colorful flowers. The foliage smells strongly of cardamom-cinnamon, though this species is not a source of cardamom itself. Shows decent...

  • Alpinia zerumbet - Variegated Shell Ginger

    Alpinia zerumbet - Variegated Shell Ginger

    6 seeds per pack. Variegated leaved variety with prettty yellow-green leaves. Beautiful white-red-yellow flowering ginger. Rhizomes and leaves are scented. Hardy to the 20's, or dig up rhizomes and grow as an annual. #296...

  • Amaranthus cruentus - Golden Giant Amaranth

    Amaranthus cruentus - Golden Giant Amaranth

    150-300 seeds per pack. An attractive ornamental and seed-grain producing amaranth featuring large, golden-orange flower plumes. Young leaves can be eaten fresh and the white seeds are used as a grain. The plant also makes...

  • Amelanchier utahensis - Utah Serviceberry

    15 seeds per pack. A small berry native to western portions of North America. Bears small red-blue fruits with similar uses to other serviceberries, from preserves and pies, to ciders and alcohol. A deciduous shrub growing...

  • Amelanchier x grandiflora - Apple Serviceberry

    Amelanchier x grandiflora - Apple Serviceberry

    15 seeds per pack. A small berry having a very sweet flavor reminiscent of apples. Grows on a shrubby tree that is quite beautiful and usually planted as an ornamental for its profuse flowers and colorful leaves. Grows to...

  • Anemopsis californica - Yerba Mansa

    Anemopsis californica - Yerba Mansa

    50 seeds per pack. A famous plant, native to the creeksides of the American Southwest. The roots are highly aromatic, with a smell akin to eucalyptus. Traditionally the plant was used medicinally. It is a hardy perennial,...

  • Antirrhinum majus - Snapdragon Old Fashioned Mix

    Antirrhinum majus - Snapdragon Old Fashioned Mix

    1000 seeds per pack. A classic mix of snapdragons, with vibrant, colorful blooms in all shades. Makes a lovely spring-summer ornamental. Grows to 1-2 feet. #4111 Photo courtesy of Nova Photo Graphik.

  • Araucaria excelsa - Norfolk Island Pine

    5-6 seeds per pack. Beautiful pine-like tree widely used as an ornamental indoor and outdoor plant. This can decorate your living room during the holiday season! A famous tree in the tropics, its renowned for its graceful...

  • Archontophoenix alexandrae - Alexander Palm

    Archontophoenix alexandrae - Alexander Palm

    10 seeds per pack. One of the two common King Palms, grown around the world as an ornamental and common on streets and in gardens. A tall, slender grower up to 20-40 ft. Hardy to 28-32F. Very fast growing and requiring...

  • Arctostaphylos glauca - Big Berry Manzanita

    Arctostaphylos glauca - Big Berry Manzanita

    Gorgeous arid zone tree, both for its deep red bark and edible berries. Grows to 10-12ft, will survive to 0¡F. Sweetish berries can be used to make cider-like drink, along with other uses. Leaves have herbal applications...

  • Arctostaphylos rainbowensis - Rainbow Manzanita

    Arctostaphylos rainbowensis - Rainbow Manzanita

    5 fruits containing multiple seeds per pack. Rare, shrubby manzanita known only from the hills north of San Diego. Grows to 8-12ft, hardy to 15-20F. Known for its gorgeous red bark, this plant is quite drought hardy...

  • Arctotis grandis - Blue-Eyed African Daisy

    Arctotis grandis - Blue-Eyed African Daisy

    75 seeds per pack. A beautiful garden annual or perennial having rich white petaled flowers, with petals surrounding a beautiful blue with gold ringed center. Blooms grow to 2", with a daisy-like appearance. A perennial to...

  • Areca catechu - Betel Nut

    Areca catechu - Betel Nut

    2 seeds per pack. A popular tropical palm bearing nuts (areca nuts) that are chewed along with the betel leaf. Similar to chewing tobacco, the nuts are used as a stimulant but are also a common cause of oral cancers. Can...


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